7 die as influenza epidemic hits Hyogo nursing home


Seven elderly people have died after a flu epidemic spread through a nursing home in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture.

According to Hyogo prefectural health officials, 74 of the 165 residents and 28 employees at the Hokudanso nursing home have contracted influenza since Jan 8, Fuji TV reported. Seven residents aged in their 70s and 90s died; three of pneumonia and four of other causes such as respiratory problems after contracting the flu virus.

All residents and employees had received flu shots and the prefecture’s inspection of the facility found no problems with management.

Officials are investigating details about the mass infection.

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That's a pretty large proportion of people contracting the flu despite being vaccinated. There's always a chunk of vaccinated people that get it because it wasn't covered by the vaccine or they were vaccinated after they contracted the virus, etc... but 5% of all of the residents (a vaccinated population) dying in 2 weeks is excessive. Must be a really nasty subtype. RIP.

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My family (wife and 2 kids), sister in law, and I all got it even though we had all been vaccinated. Must be a different strain to the vaccination that’s doing the rounds. Knocked me out for a few days with a painful cough, 40C fever, no energy etc Can’t imagine what it would have been like to be 80 and go through it

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Did the residents ever have the pneumonia vaccination?

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All of them, according to the article.

The article says no such thing.

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The article says no such thing.

Apologies, you're right. I didn't even know there was a pneumonia vaccine. Thanks.

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Did the residents ever have the pneumonia vaccination?

All of them, according to the article.

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Almost half of the people I know that took the shot are ill. I haven't and I'm genki as ever. Strange. . .

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