7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo


A seven-year-old boy survived a fall from the window of a fifth-floor office in a building in Tokyo on Tuesday.

According to police, a passerby called 119 just past 2 p.m. and said a boy had fallen from a building near Shinjuku-Gyoenmae subway station, Fuji TV reported. The boy was reportedly conscious and could talk as he was taken to hospital. He was not seriously injured, police said.

Police believe the boy accidentally tumbled out of an open window and are questioning his mother, who was with him at the time. The fifth floor of the building is where the family operates their company.

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Not seriously injured after falling from the 5th floor? Did something soft lessen the impact? Or did he miraculously survive in spite of slamming onto the street or pavement below? Either way, thank God he is OK.

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@Concerned Citizen- yes. The sun screen of the store on the first floor broke his fall. The tv news had this bit.

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Jeez. Thank god the kid survived. After 15 years here I still don’t understand why Japanese parents don’t keep an eye on their young children. Children are curious, they like to explore. And yeah, accidents can happen if you’re not diligent.

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@Bugle Boy of Company B

The sun screen of the store on the first floor broke his fall. The tv news had this bit.

I see. Thanks for the info. Thank God for that.

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Lucky, lucky boy, and lucky family. maybe this'll be a wake-up call for mom and others not to put so much clutter in front of open windows.

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I have mixed feeling about it... what really happened there... ? We'll never know.

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This is a news I keep reading over and over again which makes me wonder why these buildings do not have safety bars or something similar to avoid these incidents.

Does Japan has no laws to regulate windows design in buildings ?

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This news is a breath of fresh air during this times of pandemic and racism revival!

This is a good omen for Japan!

But the lucky boy still needs hospitalization to rule out internal injuries and brain trauma.

Da-kine prayin he’ll be fine and discharge soon!

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This is not necessarily just a Japanese problem. Accidents occur in other countries as well. My Japanese in-laws were attentive parents and did a great job raising children.

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Good news! Lucky young man!!

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He was not seriously injured, police said.

After falling from 5th floor? I see a future stuntman

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Charlie Sommers: "My Japanese in-laws were attentive parents and did a great job raising children."

I think you missed the point that these parents were NOT what you in-laws were, and hence they were your in-laws. Countless times here we read about kids falling off balconies or out of windows, usually to their deaths, and it's almost always because of clutter on the balconies the kids can climb up on, windows left open while mom or dad are in another room, at the convenience store, or even pachinko, and no safety nets.

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MocheakeToday 09:57 am JSTGood news! Lucky young man!!

Good news indeed. Most people don't survive falls over 3 stories high. Oooh what a lucky man he is!

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On our 2F windows we have bars which should be fitted to all high rise apartments. Otherwise limit bolts are very easy to use which limits the width the window can be opened.

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