70% of parents who abused their own kids were mistreated as children: survey


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25 people filling out a survey is hardly representative of over 120 million in the nation of Japan.

While there's no doubt that those who were abused as children have a higher risk of abusing their own children in the future, let's not use news like these to abolish corporal punishment.

Responsible corporal punishment is still quite effective and necessary more than ever in these days as many have lost control of their youth.

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Stupid survey can only produce stupid result, as simple as that.

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It's called a 'trickle-down' effect in American culture.  Many parents who were abused physically as kids still tend to do the same to their own children - if not physically then emotionally.

Ever heard 'Adam Raised a Cain' by Bruce Springsteen?

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Kuroda's survey team contacted 124 people who were serving time in prison for child abuse and sent a set of over 400 questions to those who offered to cooperate.

So 124 people offered to cooperate, and you got responses from 25, and then extrapolate the numbers even further to make a blanket statement that 70% were abused themselves.

I would never have allowed the results to be published, let alone with the huge number of people who agreed to cooperate, but failed to respond. I question your methods, and your results, but then you already had an expected title for the article right!

25 people filling out a survey is hardly representative of over 120 million in the nation of Japan.

Dont tell that to those that think a survey showing 43% support for Abe means that roughly 43,000,000 openly support him as well!

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Nothing new, didn't really need a survey to know that.

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Previous research has shown a linkage between those that were abused as children and those that abuse their own children.

HOWEVER, this "research" is not statistically meaningful. Such a small sample size is not statistically valid. It really is nothing more than a survey that provides some data that suggests a linkage.

Also, mistreatment is not clearly defined. For example, what constitutes "neglect"?

Not trying to dismiss this survey, but it is far from scientific or authoritative.

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Meaningless figure because the sample is hardly representative. However it does make common sense to assume that people who were abused as a child are more likely to abuse their own children than people who had a good childhood. People need to understand that children learn through imitation of adults and people around them. Children don't learn what you tell them, they learn what you DO. If you are hypocritical, like many Japanese teachers are (ex: ban smoking, while they smoke themselves), they will quickly pick on that just by watching and observing your behavior. That's how children learn. If you show them that problems can be solved through violence instead of reason, that's what they will learn, even if you tell them otherwise. They imitate your behavior, not words.

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So, what's the excuse for the other 30%? Being abused as a child should teach you how not to be a parent. It should not be an excuse to continue the cycle of violence and abuse. I'd even go as far to suggest these so-called 'parents' are lying about their own abuse to gain some sympathy in their child abuse cases.

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Such a small sample means that nobody cares. Probably bread crumb funding. it is a serious problem for society. And the sample group doesn’t include unreported cases.

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not only if they were abused in childhood, but also if they are being abused by boss, coworkers, life partner,.. it will lead to child abuse, it is called "displacement" in psychology.

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I know a few people who use that as an excuse for their bad actions, saying how they had a rough childhood or some nonsense. That's no excuse at all and if anything they should know how ineffective such abuse is.

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So, what's the excuse for the other 30%? 


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I thought kids who have been abused in their childhood would never want something like that ti happen to their kids.

Human Phycology is complex

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i believe that most people as the survey said is true, but i really don't have any so i am reluctant to say i did make one or two error's in my life and it's covered thanks to one special person in my life who stood by me to the end and if i have any children i will try my utmost best not to let any feeling come in the way of my life and their's !

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