70 suffer food poisoning at hot spring inn in Kyoto Prefecture


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Sad to hear, speedy recovery. At home I got and use Noro-punch cleaner and more precautions.

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@Luddite Man, don't even get me started. People at work here are afraid of missing a day of work, and some will come to work even if they are deathly sick and then they walk around here like the proverbial Typhoid Marys. That angers me so much. I am not interested in getting ill and then risking being out for 4-5 days like I was last time. Because that norovirus is transmitted so easily. Last time I was in the same room as a sick person for less than an hour and the next day I was half dead in the bathroom.

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Probably due to poor hand hygiene and those with the virus not staying at home.

Not only is thorough hand washing necessary, but any areas affected have to be deep cleaned and bleached. Alcohol and other cleansers/detergents do not kill the norovirus.

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There are some manky people handling your food folks. It’s a lottery.

Best not to think about it. One more thing.

Do any complaining after you finish your meal.

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Sounds like someone didn't wash their hands...

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had a lecture in my hospital about norovirus. folks, please put the toilet seat cover down and wash your hands.

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worker in whom the virus was also detected.


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Little late reporting this me thinks....

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