700 attend funeral for Prince Tomohito


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Silly guy. Women already rule this nation. Women can sit at home and enjoy lunch with friends every day in this nation. This guy was clearly out of touch with the real world. I guess that what it means to be a member of the royal family.

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I disagreed with pretty much everything this guy let dribble out of his mouth over teh years, and know that his death is because of alcoholism and other bad habits, but 66 is still too young to go. I was talking with an Obachan this morning about him and she nearly started crying, so clearly there was a side to him I must have missed, or that was blanketed by his bad points. Either way, none of it matters now for him. RIP.

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Like any other person, public, private, imperial or otherwise, he was just a human being with faults just like anyone else. He also did much good in the world thanks to his position as well.

While I may not personally agree with his position about the imperial family and it's succession, that does not mean that I can not respect the man for having the convictions to state what he believed in and to do so publicly.

May he rest in peace, and his family find solace in the knowledge that his life meant something important, especially for the disabled people in society.

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This article and comments made me wonder about the phrase 'rest in peace.'

Is there some other way or state a dead person can be in?? 

Just wondering....

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thats why there r flags at half mast- i seriously was wondering

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Is there some other way or state a dead person can be in??

Yes - that other joint with fire, brimstones, bad people - and all that gnashing of teeth and stuff.

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I guess the old "rot in hell" style is one other way.....

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700 thats not much

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**He was known as “the bearded prince” and known for his advocacy of welfare programs for disabled people.

In 2005 he set off a stir when he said Japan should exhaust all options before allowing a woman to rule. **

Had to protect his interests. Smith, like you, I fail to see how good this guy was. Great for those with disabilities but he was sexist and has issues with the drink. That being said, 66 is young and may his family come together and deal with the pain of losing someone so young.

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700 out of 30 million in Tokyo?

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700 out of 30 million in Tokyo?

There's a good chance this was a private funeral.

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and has issues with the drink.

In a country full of literally millions of people with the same issues I might add. That doesn't or didn't make him a "bad" person by any means I would say.

It's always easy to cast stones from behind internet firewalls.

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