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74-year-old man rescued 1 week after going missing in Northern Alps


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Tough old goat.

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i won't name countries, but one week without macdonalds, people will die. also no info on injuries. i fell 5 meters and was in bed for 4 days. 10 meters!. he should get a medal. i hope he recovers well. 75!

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74 years, opps

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Kiyoyuki must have the stamina of a 37 yo and a mountain I.Q. of a 107 yo!

Hope this will encourage the rescuers not to give up even after 1 week.

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Ending good, everything good. He'll live to tell the tale and climb more mountains... I can only hope I'll be just as tough as this guy at his age.

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Doesn't seem popular in Japan but in other hiking countries emergency locator beacons are very cheap to rent & save many lives every year. Anyone hiking for more than a day alone should be encouraged to carry one. At least this guy seemed reasonably well experienced & prepared but could have easily ended in tragedy.

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good outcome indeed, but it says he kept himself warm with his raincoat… no sleeping bag for a planned 4-day mountain jaunt? fushigi!

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