77-year-old woman, son found after being lost on mountain for 10 days


A 77-year-old woman and her 57-year-old son who went missing on a mountain in Akita Prefecture 10 days ago, have been found alive and well, police said Wednesday.

According to police, Kisa Tsushima and her son Seiki, from Odate, Akita Prefecture, went picking bamboo shoots in a forest on Mt Tashiro that borders Akita and Aomori prefectures on June 15, Sankei Shimbun reported.

When they failed to return, a search was launched but no trace of the two were found. Police called off the search on June 20. On Wednesday morning, at around 8 a.m., Kisa was found near a path by a man picking plants on the Aomori side of the mountain near the town of Owani. It was six kilometers away from where she and her son had gone up the mountain.

Police said Tsushima told them she and her son stuck together by drinking water from a stream and eating vegetables, Sankei reported. However, she said that on June 23, her son became too weak to move and she had to leave him to try and find help.

After Kisa was found, police launched another search for Seiki and he was spotted by a helicopter at around 2 p.m. Wednesday. Both Kisa and Seiki are weak but their condition is stable, police said.

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This woman is a rock star... 77 years old... 10 days on a mountain and it is her younger son who becomes too weak too move.

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This lady makes Bear Grylls look like a small baby.

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Great to hear they are ok, especially since the search was called off (too early IMHO) and I was also surprised that the mother at her age was active when the son wasn't, but I can imagine a good son would think more of his mom's health at her age and offer more of the food to mom :)

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Is it baboo root season there? Takenoko. Glad both are going to be OK. Maybe rhey will restrain to go mountain next year.

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I would say they went to dig or gather bamboo shoots not "pick" but anyway, this year the shoots have been scarcer than usual so people have been going deeper into the mountains than normal, resulting in more gone missing or dying than other years. As for justbcuzisay's idea of the son giving more of the food to the mom, those "vegetables" they were eating were mizu, a leafy wild plant (rich weed?) they found and picked on the mountain and ate raw. There is plenty of it so it is not like he could have hogged it to himself anyway. And he said it did not agree with him and that's when his condition became worse so he stopped eating it and went with only water (also found on site) after that.

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@Educator60: Another one of your comment I am learning. I am from city. (in Southern Japan) In USA, I buy bambee shoots in cans. Can't get fresh ones.

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Mother of the year!

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Nothing like fresh bamboo made with lemon grass. The ol' girl, tough as leather like many of her generation. Sleeping on the mountain for 9 nights and without kit? Seems like unless they were hurt they could have found their way down earlier? I guess the weather was good and no rain? They didn't have mobile/cell phones, guess there was no signal?

Also its bear country so lucky they weren't lunch or dinner. Another JT post

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Maybe eldery people know how to survive than young people nowaday..

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Meiji mother

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@Andrea: Showa Mother. about Showa 12th.

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