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78-year-old woman attacked by bear in Tottori


A 78-year-old woman on her way home after working in the fields was attacked by a bear, and seriously injured, in Iwami, Tottori Prefecture, on Saturday.

Police said the incident occurred at around 5 p.m. along a road located between fields, about 40 meters from the woman’s house. The woman suffered a broken bone in her left hand. The bear escaped back into the woods.

According to reports by residents in the neighborhood, a bear was spotted three days before the incident, eating persimmons.

Police have urged local residents to be careful when they are out and about on foot.

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Possible the bear attacked out of fear? If it was a hungry bear she's lucky to get away with a broken bone in her hand.

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A bear was spotted walking along the road near here (Okutama) last night.

I guess they are fattening up on persimmons before they hibernate.

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