8 dead, including 6 Chinese nationals, after ship sinks near Japan


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Praise to the crews of the private vessels that rescued the five survivors in gale force winds.

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This is how international cooperation is supposed to work, but I have do ask, where are the Chinese Coast Guard vessels, if not rescuing a Chinese ship in international waters?

Were any thanks provided by China to the other nations performing the rescue or did I miss that in the article? I did see that the Chinese ambassador to Japan "conveying a message", but what was the message? Thanks and good job?

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Most of the distress messages are received by the Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center located in Diamond Head crater in Honolulu, Hawaii. It used to be at Kadena AB. The coordinator on duty opens a case for prosecution. Depending on the location of the distress call or signal,(Epirb), he or she will contact the nearest country’s sister agency for assistance, while checking on what US military resources are available for assistance. He she can contact US naval assets to request a search pattern. In high seas away from immediate coastal assets, he and she can contact Lloyd’s of London to get the list of vessels in the vicinity of the distress. Although many Taiwanese fishing vessels were closer to Taiwan than Kadena, the OL-Det 5 Air Rescue Center at Kadena would task airplanes from Kadena, Yokota and Atsugi. It is basically in following the tradition of rendering assistance in the high seas no matter what nationality, registration or flag the ship belongs to.

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Were any thanks provided by China to the other nations performing the rescue or did I miss that in the article? I did see that the Chinese ambassador to Japan "conveying a message", but what was the message? Thanks and good job?

i was also looking for this, but i can imagine that china would want to keep it on the low down to show that it isnt perceived as weak against their 'future foes'

at least those saved by korean and japanese vessels might have a different point of view now that they have been plucked out of the water to safety - and it'd be good if they could spread the message of the benefits of international cooperation

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My sympathies to everyone involved in this tragedy. A thousand ships can sail safely from port to port, but it only takes one disaster to remind us that nature can be unforgiving.

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What was on the sunken ship? It’s beautiful place.

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and the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it rolled five thousand years ago.

RIP to the deceased.

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Perhaps they were moles (spies) its ironic that Japanese authorities didn't confirm the toll given by the Chinese diplomat, the only thing they said was that nine remain missing and, of the 13 retrieved, two are dead. Perhaps this indicates that the Japanese authorities no more than what they will say about this.

China's Consul General in the city of Fukuoka, Lu Guijun, stated that of the 13 people found, "eight have been confirmed dead, of whom six are Chinese".

Eight people are dead, including six Chinese nationals, after a ship sank in waters off the coast of Japan, a Chinese diplomat said Thursday. They were quick to report the nationality of the Chinese but not the nationality of the others, perhaps there was some kind of covert operations going off of the Japanese coastal waters. We read about the JP coast guard following Chinese fishing boats all the time but this report is different. I wonder why?

Officials from local Chinese missions visited the Nagasaki coast guard, the Fukuoka consulate said, where they laid flowers for the dead crew members and expressed their condolences. Was this used as a ploy to make contact with the survivors to find out whether or not sensitive information and or equipment was destroyed during the rescue mission?

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