8 passengers on ANA aircraft fall sick after smoke fills cabin


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Maybe we need drop-down gasmasks.

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I was took an ANA 767 on a flight to China recently. The flight was fine, but the plane was far from the newest kid on the block, and stories like this certainly don't help. If I'm ANA, I'm looking to upgrade all my 767s to 787s as soon as possible in order to stay competitive, especially if they want passengers to pay the premium price that ANA often demands.

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ANA is usally a great choice. Aging fleets have affeted many airlines. Glad nobody 86'd.

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nothing wrong with the 767. it the APU that was the problem

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I've only had great experiences on ANA. Stuff happens.

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I've only had great experiences on ANA. Stuff happens.

It's my favorite airline. ANA is great.

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