80 injured after jetfoil apparently hits marine animal


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Whales are getting their revenge on Japan thru sabotage. LOL.

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I take it that 'deadheads' are not a possibility in that area?

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The vessel may have hit a whale or some other creature

Godzilla maybe?

OK, while no one should be jumping to conclusions, what sea creature large enough to do that kind of damage could be lurking in the March seas off of Niigata?

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At least everyone safely arrived. Hope they get well soon.

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Definitely not a submarine?

Scary thing is the use of sonic devises to hurt sea creatures. Thousands of dolphins died around Hawaii from USA navy devises.

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Yes I hope the marine animal (whale) will survive. A humpback whale surfaced near our zodiac boat once, (west coast of Canada) and I will never forget the magical encounter. We knew the humpbacks were nearby because of the radar and radio communication with others. I hope there is some similar communication strategy put in place to protect both humans and the marine life.

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I don't think people are gloating over hearing humans got injured. More likely they are saying that we have inflicted a lot of pain (sometimes intentionally) on the other denizens of the Earth and sometimes we have to deal with pain from them (mostly unintentional). No one really knows what the boat hit anyway. It could have been debris or something else.

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"OK, while no one should be jumping to conclusions, what sea creature large enough to do that kind of damage could be lurking in the March seas off of Niigata?"

OMG, it is not the size of the animal. It is what part of the ship and at what speed the boat was going that made it a dangerous situation. For example if you riding a motorcycle at 100pm and you hit cat, you can lose control of the bike. If a bird flies into a jet engine while the jet is the air it can destroy the engine. This was jet folio and it is like jet. Most likely it one of the control surfaces.

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Were there any reports of blood in the area or something like that to indicate injury to another life form? Hard to believe that a marine animal could be hit as such a speed and not be harmed. So, maybe it really a military submarine? Maybe surveying the Japanese coast?

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Has anything been done to find and help the poor creature they wantonly injured?

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More likely some other debris like a partially submerged log?

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Why is no one asking the obvious question: WHY wasn't there a Deck Watch?

Does no one have the Duty of actually WATCHING where the vessel GOES?

Rough seas? A "Big BANG", but it didn't stop us from getting where WE were GOING!

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WHY wasn't there a Deck Watch?

OMG, there was one, the animal was underwater. Could you see an animal underwater?

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Always, a whale is a mammal, it has to breath, when they blow it is very noticeable, a deck lookout would see, warn that there were whales around and any competent ship captain will reduce speed and post more lookouts.

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