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800 sick after drinking cafeteria milk at Chiba schools


Chiba prefectural health officials said Friday that about 3,400 students and teachers experienced an odd taste in the milk they received as part of their lunches at several elementary and middle schools on Wednesday. Of the total, approximately 800 students later became sick with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, TBS reported.

Health officials said students at nine schools were affected.

An education board spokesperson said a company called Furuya Dairy is responsible for delivering milk processed at its factories to over 343 elementary and middle schools throughout Chiba Prefecture.

On Thursday, the factory was asked to halt production while health and city officials conduct an investigation of the assembly line that was responsible for packing milk delivered to the schools.

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Please don't tell me this is yet another case of someone deliberately tainting food at the processing plant.

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If it had an odd taste WHY did they drink the stuff? Dahh.

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I have milked rats for years and yes it's a tad tart but after a few weeks of it you get past the vomiting and other bodily excretions, now I have a fine pair of front teeth. Schools are meant to mold the young mind and body. I see no problem with mass slight dietary changes.

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Another sign the industrialized food system is rotting at the core. There is no such thing as cheap, safe and delicious when it comes to food. People and organizations will waste money on all kinds of items and materials they don't need and then cut costs when it come to food. A clear problem of values and valuation.

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If it had an odd taste WHY did they drink the stuff? Dahh.


At most schools in Japan the students are forced to eat/drink whatever they are served, allergies aside.

This looks like just another case in this nation of unwavering adherence to the rules trumping sound judgement.

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Why did two people give Sensato minus points (-2 at time of posting) for stating the truth?

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@nandakandamanda Not anymore. Well at least for now.

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