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86-year-old driver crashes car into bank in Ibaraki Prefecture


An 86-year-old man accidentally crashed his light car into a bank in Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture on Tuesday.

The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. at Joyo Bank’s Ishioka East branch in Tokodai, Fuji TV reported. Witnesses said the car entered a parking lot located in front of the bank. However, the vehicle then continued going and went through the glass window at the entrance, before coming to a halt three meters into the building.

Police said there were several customers and staff inside the bank, but no one was injured.

The elderly driver said he mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

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deja vu

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Feels like beating head against the wall, but the sensation of deja vu does not go away. Something is wrong, hmm...

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With aging population, this won’t be the last one.

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As you approach your 70th birthday they now send you a card requiring you to undergo some tests in a 高齢者講習 Ko-reisha Ko-shu elderly driver class if you will be wishing to renew your driving license. You cannot renew without taking this class. There will be an opportunity to return your license for good, and to receive a discount card for buses and taxis in exchange.

You will need to demonstrate a consciousness of safe driving, and an awareness of your own night vision and physical limitations of spatial awareness. They also require you to sit at the wheel of a test car and have your driving skills checked. You get to choose what vehicle you will drive.

I am beginning to think part of the requirement should be automatic brake sensors on whatever car you next buy.

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Probably an old Red Army activist having a final go at "the Man" croaking quietly "all property is theft" before claiming it was all a mistake!

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No kids run over this time fortunately.

No one over 65 should drive.

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No one over 65 should drive.

Ah, the arrogance of the young. I wonder what you have to say when young drivers lose control of their vehicles and crash?

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I am beginning to think part of the requirement should be automatic brake sensors on whatever car you next buy.

What are "automatic brake sensors"?

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You get to choose what vehicle you will drive.

Nice, I'll choose a Tank. Parking won't be a problem, and if anyone dislikes my Driving skills and wishes to complain in a fit of Road Rage.. well, I guess they may think again.

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While it will be difficult, if not impossible, to take away licenses after a certain age (simply because of age), it would be rather easy to require car makers to install anti-impact sensors that help prevent this sort of accident into all models. Then, cars that do not have such sensors will naturally fade out. If there is a more painless method, let's hear it!

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Sensors that automatically decide to brake for you, Harry.


And mmwkwd, sadly they do not offer you a tank. Please do not shoot the messenger. I spent a good part of yesterday evening translating the brochure for the readership here. They give you a choice out of a regular saloon/sedan, a motorbike, or a 50cc small bike. Boring, I know!

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