9 children injured after school bus collides with car


Nine school children were injured Friday when their mini-bus collided head-on with a car in Jinsekikogen, Hiroshima Prefecture.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 7:50 a.m. on prefectural highway 26. There were two kindergarten children and seven elementary school children on the bus. All nine, as well as the bus driver and the driver of the car, were taken to hospital to be treated for light injuries, Yahoo News reported.

Police said the accident happened on a curve.

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Elementary and kindergarten buses should be fitted with seat belts and the kids made to wear them.

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Elementary and kindergarten buses should be fitted with seat belts and the kids made to wear them.

I agree. School bus occupants should be belted.

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Nothing says they weren't......

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paulsenglish - Nothing says they weren't......

Yeah, nothing except the fact that school buses do not have seat belts, of course.

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@Paul, it's best to understand that in Japan school buses are not required to have seat belts, crazy as it reads, that's the truth. Just pay attention when you're waiting to cross a road, or have an opportunity to observe passengers in cars, you'll see: Toddlers in the front seat, no belt. Kids roaming, yes ROAMING around the vehicle, toddlers, kids, infants STOOD in the passenger seat well... the mind truly boggles.

Where's the common sense? Where the grasp of the reality that accidents happen and that a seat belt will save a life? Well, we can tell you one thing, it AIN'T here in Japan.

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It's just crazy to have kids not having to wear any seatbelts!! It should be the LAW!!!

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