1 dead, 8 missing after cargo ships collide near Tokyo Bay


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Oh-oh. This will somehow turn out to be all Japan's fault! Thus, more tensions! Watch the blame game go around.

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Sorry to hear this and I hope they all get rescued. After, Chinese politicians can remember this event as well many other times Japan has helped China.

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I wonder if someone was asleep at one or both of the boats... Must have been scary as hell

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Lights out??

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Not good. Hope they find these missing sailors safe and sound. They will also need to salvage this vessel.

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Man this sure isn't a good week to be traveling as a Chinese person.

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Suprised that the larger ship sank while the smaller did not.

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This shouldn't happen in today's modern age of tech

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Given all the modern navigation equipment commercial ships have nowadays (commercial-quality high-precision GPS receivers that can find the position of the ship down to three meters' accuracy and modern warning radar), such collisions in good weather conditions normally do not happen unless one of the ships had a serious mechanical fault and couldn't stop or steer away in time to avoid a collision. It makes you wonder did the Beagle III was properly maintained, because the bigger ship doesn't sink like this unless the smaller ship hit the Beagle III in a bad spot and the water came rushing very quickly.

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The Uraga Suido/Channel is a pain in the ass to navigate with the usually heavy traffic. At least in a carrier everyone stays out of your way but in smaller vessels like these two it's literally dog-eat-dog especially with the cross-channel traffic between the Kanagawa and Chiba sides. Still, several times more professional and safe than other channels/ports (mostly SE Asian) I've had to navigate. At night though, with so many background lights from ashore and from the myriad buoys and vessels, it's totally understandable that confusion can set in on one of the wheelhouses and a collision could occur. It's a little odd though that one of the ships would sink outright. The damage I saw on the news this morning to the smaller Pegasus Prime was all on the bow so I'm guessing that she T-boned the Beagle III, but with both ships relatively close in tonnage it's not like one plowed over the other. Maybe the collision occurred right at a structural Achilles heel on the Beagle III?

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Hope they find the rest alive, but if they don't hope their relative find peace.

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I hope this is not a new technique to bring illegals on-board! Bump a boat, people go missing!

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Those are not high speed vessels, i wonder what happened, was it during the night?

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Both ships are fairly new, (Beagle 2009, japanese built, pegasus korean built in 2004) so this was weird.

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Usninjapan2 Ship structures are very complex, adding their load it gets more complicated. But its mostly human fault

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