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9 injured as Cathay Pacific flight hits turbulence over Hokkaido


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Am surprised they did not land in Japan. There is always the chance though small the aircraft could have sustained structural damage. Then there is the injured who could of been cared for better on the ground instead of in the air from first aid kits.

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Always wear your seatbelts folks, even when the sign is off!

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YES! Keep your seat belts on! planes are flying and you just never know when you will hit heavy turbalance! Yuri, since when are 747s considered SMALL??

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some passengers were thrown out of their seats and hit the overhead bins

Seatbelts people, the captain doesn't turn on that sign for his own health you know...

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@Mexicano Lol. Yuri meant the chance was small, not the airplane. Lack of punctuation did make it sound that way though

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My guy says they did not land due to the Japanese Police and professional negligence resulting in injury. Yes a very good reason to overfly Japan.

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Sorry Sue Jones,did not catch Yuri's lack of punctuation, so it just look strange a SMALL PLANE like a 747??

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"they did not land due to the Japanese Police and professional negligence resulting in injury."

Specifically, their habit of arrest first, ask questions later.

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