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9 prefectures selected for pig vaccination to tackle hog cholera


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Or, instead of pumping these poor animals with chemicals, you could stop treating their lives and deaths as just an industry with no regard for their quality of life or suffering and pain.

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theres no need to kill someone just for a 5 minute taste you like or to get nutrients from their rotting corpse when all protein and nutrients come from plants.

all of them ! So why filter them through someone else’s body first?

just because you value your taste buds over their life. You send someone to die in terror violently for a taste ?

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@Christine Loughead

Great Post! Very well said! You've hit the nail on the head and got it summed up perfectly.

I love the taste of yummy pig flesh, nicely heated and singed to delicious perfection and don't give a damn about the pig's life.

That's my right. My wonderful meaty choice.

Scrumptious mouthfuls of muscle and fat. Boiling the bones releases all the marrow in to the water to make a thick oily soup too.

By god, its good to be me.

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