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90% in Japan feel discrimination against disabled exists: survey


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I disagree with this statement to maximum.

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I don't know if the word is discrimination but stigma. The Sagamihara incident clearly showed that shame does exist when admitting that a relative suffers from a disability.

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1000% there is! My partner who is disabled has been forced to stand for long hours and was called "unprofessional" for explaining his disability and asking to sit. On more than one occasion.

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Handicaped people will not have access to standard jobs and recognition.

Apparence and stigma are too heavy.

I know personally one who has normal apparence but who is rejected to become seishain (permanent contract) so is forced to renew 3 year contract for the same job ! (Totally illegal in my country).

In my country, I have met a one-arm sales assistant, a blind civil servant and even a stammerer as a train driver. Imagine that last one in Japan !!!

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When I first lived here, many families hid their disabled. After the reconstruction of Kobe after the earthquake, there were newly disabled and the city was a great improvement for them.

Japan is better than many other countries for moving around. But discrimination exists in the job market.

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Anyone that is different gets pressure to conform to what the considered norm is-that’s Japan

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You may remember the story on JT a few years ago about the person in a wheelchair who was refused a second glass of wine at an event.

The discriminatory views of some on this board were really offensive. No prizes for guessing the identities of the posters.

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But only 24.0 percent responded they were aware of the law, while 74.6 percent said they did not know about it.

I find this surprising seeing how this law has been involved in several news when it was abused or ignored, even by the Japanese government


Maybe part of the problem is that the population in general are not giving the discrimination enough importance and just think nothing can be done about it.

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It is sad that there have to be laws to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities or handicaps. Just have some respect for each other instead of being selfish or unknowing.

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Quite a few train stations in Japan still rely on good ol’ stairs to go from platform A to platform B, with no elevators for the ones who cannot use stairs.

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As a foreigner I'm probably not qualified to participate in the survey. I think you'd have had to of grown up in Japan to really be able to answer if various stigmas / discrimination exists. That said, I have been in and out of Japan for over 40 years and I've noticed many changes. 40 years ago I used to think that birth defects in Japan must be extremely low because I rarely saw people with them. Now I realize that they were all hidden away or could not work mainly because Japan's city infrastructure was not able to accommodate them at all. There were very, very few elevators at train stations and companies did not know to handle people with disabilities too. I think Japan has come a long way from where it was in the 80's to today. That said, of course, more needs to be done going forward.

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