92-year-old woman dies after being hit by truck in Shizuoka


A 92-year-old woman died after being hit by a truck while she was crossing a road in Shizuoka on Tuesday night.

According to police, the accident occurred in Shimizu Ward at 9:40 p.m. The victim, identified as Fumi Endo, was struck at a crossing with traffic lights, Sankei Shimbun reported. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police are trying to determine what color the lights were when Endo -- who lives nearby -- attempted to cross the street.

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This is very sad. To last all these years and to die like this. Drivers generally need to take a lot more care.

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That's terrible and I'm very sorry to hear it.

I which that japantoday could get more details because we get so many of these short stories with no facts whatsoever and there are rarely follow ups.

Any witnesses?

Hit and run?

Do accidents occur often on that street?

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Well this is one of very extreme problems in this country of aging population! Many old people are mostly unaccompanied and try to cross streets suddenly. Its dangerous for even the driver too, specially in the night time. Old people are same like kids and when such thing happens we can say bad luck. The women lived for 92 years which is more than enough compared to an average person but what about the driver who will take the burden of this death for his remaining life! May god give him strength and RIP old lady. Unfortunate story...but will happen again in Japan

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poor old dear but the standard "was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead" is rather useless. Did she survive the accident and die on the way? was she killed on impact and was spared the pain?

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Not surprised Trucks go through red lights, cross walks with no respect

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@Waltery ...and seniors, bless their hearts, frequently walk into the road regardless of the signals. I almost hit one of my neighbourhood grannies this morning when she decided to cross the road against a red light. She's lucky that I put brand new tires on last week.

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Not surprised Trucks go through red lights, cross walks with no respect

Way to jump to conclusions. Don't know the colour of the light, don't know who was in thr wrong but let's start pointing fingers! Yeehaw!

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While I was out riding my bike yesterday alone I saw 5 different elderly people either walking or on bikes cross the roads at crosswalks when the lights were red or just in the middle of the street when traffic was coming from both ways. Contrarily, while following all of the rules of the road I was almost hit by 3 different vehicles (drivers of all ages). When I was driving my car I almost hit an old man on a bike who decided to cross the street slowly right after the light had turned red for him. Luckily the light had just turned green for me so I had enough time to notice him and stop. When you leave your house here you are playing a game of chance of whether you will hit someone by accident or someone will hit you by their sheer carelessness. In this situation without more information it is impossible to jump to conclusions. Either one of them could have been at fault for it.

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OTOH what the hell was she doing walking around late at night? You wouldn't let children walk around at that hour.

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