Japan reports 89,643 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Tuesday reported 89,643 new coronavirus cases, up 13,379 from Monday. Tokyo reported 9,628 new cases, up 2,091 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 45, unchanged from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 602, up seven from Monday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 223.

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223 deaths a day in highly vaccinated fully masked social distance country?

any reasonable explanation?

vaccines seems did not work at all?as many deaths are vaccinated people...

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Yep, probably 80+ years old. Already in the departure lounge, Covid stamps their ticket

This daily update on JT is absolutely meaningless without context, frightening the carp out of people who are not at risk. Break down the numbers and confirm, WITH Covid or OF Covid. There is s distinct difference.

223 deaths a day in highly vaccinated fully masked social distance country?

any reasonable explanation?

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I am thankful, that here in Japan, we have the right to choose, whether or not to have a "Vaccination", and have the right to privacy over that choice, and to not be harassed by others simply because of our Choice.

Likewise, when buildings do not state that the wearing of Masks is mandatory, then visitors have the right to chose whether to do so or not.

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I hope those who downvoted my "freedom" to chose comment, themselves end up in a Society where you have absolutely no freedom of choice, then perhaps you will understand where I am coming from... but by then, it'd be too late for you.

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TokyoOldMan.....someday, we all hope you realize that your choices may have consequences for others.

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Of course the data issued daily needs to be placed in context. One example from the Ministry of Health issued in December about the 7th wave: Omicron’s mortality rate was essentially zero for people under 60.

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I am thankful, that here in Japan, we have the right to choose, whether or not to have a "Vaccination"

The quotation marks around vaccination is getting a bit stale now.

New material needed.

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Very high number for the New Year holiday weekend.

Is there some way I can subscribe to these comments? I simply don't want to miss out on this level of cutting analysis of high number/low number. Worried I'll miss it for other big occasions.

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So serious case numbers remain less than miniscule (45 in pop of 15,000,000!) - mild is as mild does.

The mass masking continues to do nothing to stop transmission with months of world leading numbers of cases in the most masked nation on the planet (one of only a few who persist with them -China being another). Not sure how transmission is going there but presume it's all under control with the masks.

IFR is lower in Japan than the flu for over 80s. Lower!

Downgrading this then to the same level as the flu (despite the flu having a higher IFR) would alleviate strain (inc potential further strain) on both the healthcare system and society at large.

It would also allow children to live their lives and be educated without the many costs of masking them.

Why is simple common sense so uncommon here then?

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It would be good if the number of deaths were broken down by age. Also, it would be good to know how many are hospitalized across Japan.

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They never say whether the people die of covid or with covid. That would be interesting, wouldn't it.

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Deaths by age will be fairly obv. We know statistically, while the risk to all is very, very small, by far the most vulnerable are the very elderly (more so male) with numerous underlying health conditions.

The IFR for over 80s was/is still lower than the flu however as acknowledged last week when official figures regarding the globally record-breaking summer wave here were revealed.

So again, why is it not downgraded? This would not only ease pressure on healthcare, but would allow children (who have suffered for 3 years with useless cloth masking despite not being at risk and the masks having zero proven benefit but numerous certain harms) to have a sense of normalcy back. Something some of them have never even experienced in their young lives.

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When are news outlets stopping to report these numbers most people don't care about?

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