ANA reprimanded over pilot drinking alcohol before flight


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affected other domestic airlines. 

JAL.... since it's the season to "name and shame" might as well do it here too!

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Maybe a couple of beers to relax would improve his flying. Once airborne there isn’t much to bump into, only other planes..... Ah right.... Probably best to stay off the booze!

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ANA needs to cosy up to LDP more.

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Would it be easier for a pilot/cabin officers & flight attendants to show their ID at the bars in the airports, then, have the computer report their alcohol consumption before they entered the plane? Everyone knows there is facial recognition the moment a person enters the airport. That is when the clock starts and the bar starts counting the alcohol consumption.

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Reprimanded. Not good enough.

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24 hours bottle to throttle works for most modest drinkers. Last drink should be 24 hours prior to starting your shift as a pilot. If you need alcohol to function, you need to hand in your pilot's licence. END OF!

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@Noriyon - you are aware that there are places to drink other than airport bars, right?

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The transport ministry issued a "business improvement order", yeah, not drinking before piloting a plane sounds pretty good, it could improve business.

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pilot name?

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Are pilots checked for lack of drugs, lack of sleep ?

I'd prefer it would be a matter of team check.

Business improvement order, that doesn't look like a warning to me.

Nowadays, we don't need that many pilots. Good riddance.

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Yes, AK, but there has to be a first step. If the airline personnel can't pass a breath analyzer in the bar, don't serve them. What is the problem with the concept of not making money in any bar and letting personnel fly? Is it just ANA and Japan Air that have a problem with intoxicated personnel? Do United, American, and Delta have this problem? No stories in recent times.

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