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Agreement reached on casino bill; free entry for foreign visitors


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Integrated resorts are going to be built in three areas, which will also have casinos. If you want to gamble and you live in Japan you will have to pay Y6000, but what if you just want to go to the resort stay and perhaps see a show or whatever else they have to offer, will that be free? Also, we all know that some people can become addicted to gambling, but with so many types of gambling already prevalent in Japan, I don't understand why this doctor is so worried about three casinos. You can lose all the money you want either at pachinko, horse racing, boat racing, bicycle racing(betting on humans), lotteries, and I'm sure there is something else I'm missing.

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Isn't there already something called pachinko in the country? Unless you're a high roller, not a lot of people are going to hit a casino over what's already available.

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That is total BS. Right down the street from me is a JRA gambling facility. Does not cost a dime to enter and gamble. Every weekend the place is crowded... so to me, they should also charge anyone looking to gamble on the Horses Y6,000 too. Just to be fair.... heck, might as well add Pachinko to the list... and boat racing, along with Keirin. This Y6,000 charge is pure BS!

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Amazing such discrimination is even legal. Or is it?

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We all know what the Y6,000 per person is about.... if you ever wonder why Japan, despite being a well educated and hard working society, has basically gone nowhere over the last 30 years, it is because of protectionism from within. Japan continues to self destruct because its elected officials are on the take and they pass laws to protect the status quo. Wouldn't want the Pachinko or Horse Racing industry to lose customers... wouldn't want them to spend their money at the Casinos. So typical.

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Integrated casino is Steve Wynn's idea and he received to build a. high rise building casino. in Japan. Since then situation changed. Maybe Jjjapan plans two stories gambling houses? Wynn meant Vegas style casino that has luxury hotel floors and shopping centers. beside entertainment theaters on bottom. floor. Skipping gossip,, he had to resign from his company and prohibited to operate casino business.

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Habit of gamblers in casinos. Drinks are free. People who love playing video gaming machines only drink water. There are cocktail waitresses. but gambling men are not interested in them.

Anyway, forget casinos in Japan. Instead of giving complementary restaurant coupon, gov't. tries to collect money..

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So if a family member visits me, they can walk in for free and I have to pay? How are they going to know if I am a resident or not. I sure as heck not showing my passport to some 18 year old tout at the door.

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All designed to fleece the wealthy Chinese gambler by the millions. Providing its carefully managed, provides employment for locals and mitigation measures are put in place to protect local Japanese from loosing their shirt, it could be a good thing.

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Pachinko is not considered a banking game in USA. You can not compte probability of a bal dropping in halls.

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Do you get 6000yen in chips or something? Seems like a scam to have to pony up 6000yen if you don't get something out of it, at least give some sort of credits to use a restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

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Sounds like a lot of fun!

At least I know another place where I am welcomed!

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

If the casinos are going to be even one fifth as smoky and noisy as the average pachinko parlor, you can kiss goodbye to a lot of foreigners entering, especially those foreigners from countries which have modern laws regarding smoking.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

What a shame... seriously. This is going to ruin society even more than the government has driven it for some time. I hope they reject Osaka for Expo because of this, as they've said they would.

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In Singapore, the Integrated Resorts are free to enter, shop, dine, walk around and relax. Only the casinos, themselves, require ID at the entrance, free to foreigners but a fee for Singapore residents to enter. I could go in as I had my passport but Singaporean friends didn't go in as they didn't want to pay the high fees.

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Well, I won't be going to a Japanese casino. They can stick them up their bum! I'm sure many other people feel the same. This entrance fee will stop most people going to the casinos. Those who do go will be more likely to gamble beyond their means to recover the entrance fee. They 'might' attract a small number of foreign tourists, but it's as if they have an image of all foreigners being compulsive gamblers and are relying on them to keep the casinos in the black. These casinos will be empty fo most of the year and will be bankrupt within the first 12 months. It's just another extortive cash-grab from Japan Inc. People with gambling issues will just go somewhere else to get their fix. They have stopped nothing, except the means for casinos to make money.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Shouldn't these issues have been resolved before giving the go ahead? All looks a bit ad hoc...cobbled together. Although other or a other country has an entrance fee, wages are in general much higher. These panels seem just to have rubber stamped the idea and are now scrambling to generate as many disincentives to visit as possible.

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If you are susceptible to gambling addiction, I am curious as to whether paying 6,000 yen at the door is going to help to protect you.

But Komeito and LDP have discussed this carefully so I will give them the benefit of the doubt that this number has been carefully calibrated to ensure the intended outcomes.

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This is why Las Vegas is so much better.

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I believe most of the new casinos will have American connections where the profits will go. This is Asia, so expect an influx of triads. The people who would pay ¥6000 (one days wages in a combini, supermarket or restaurant) will have no limit and will end up in debt with yakuza money lending shops after divorce, family breakup and homelessness.

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They 'might' attract a small number of foreign tourists, but it's as if they have an image of all foreigners being compulsive gamblers and are relying on them to keep the casinos in the black.

Chinese love to gamble, so among the more than 15 million [2016] visitors from China, Taiwan and Hongkong there will be a significant number of people who like to fancy a visit to a casino :)

1 ( +1 / -0 )

This entire enterprise was set up to relieve tourists of cash. It will fail.

Based on what knowledge?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

A tactic to attract foreign money without having to deal with all the societal issues accompanying gambling. We'll see how that'll work out...

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This plan is simply just way too silly for words.

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Only Wynn entertainment reeeceived Japan's. Casino permit. It had a plan to invest more than $20 billion on building but The plan. Is off. The stockholders decided a new enteainment ceter on iits property along with strip. Blvd. Wynn, San and MGgM invested in Singapore, Hong Kong ad Macao but they don't like entrance fee type policy and gradually withdrawing. Chinese billionaires don't like empty casino and back to Vegas where casinos are full with local free loader. How do we know free loader? They used cupons in restarans, get big to go contaiers , illuup. they drink soup,and carry foods out Coupons include free video game. points,, too.

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In USA, casinos reduce state income tax. InJapan,, excuse too collect money from Japanese.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

This new plan seems collecting entrance fee from any Japanese. Meaning if a husband, wife. and 3 children enter. casino, five entrance fees.

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There is no American connection with Japan's plan of casinos entrance fee or whatever.

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DT could be. against gambling. Above picture is loss all you betted on a blackjack

. betting.

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In USA, some states permit casino hotels. What casino pays to states help schools, etc.

Nevada differ from other states. There is no state income tax. Casno owners pay annual fees. between $60. Million to 90 million year license fees for each of their casino. Owners say cheaper than when mafias were swimming.

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Years. ago, Japan invited MGM, Wynn and Adelson to discuss about Casinos in Japan. Vegas group. left Nevada gaming control board regulation book. Since then Nevada groups lost interested in Japan. But Hokkaido may try to invite a smaller but profitable casino owner. There were Russian an Northern Chinese billionaires gamblers.

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