All people entering Japan must submit negative results to COVID-19 test


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How about people leaving Japan?

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Fair enough but start really testing domestically also. Virus is in already and needs to be rooted out.

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It's almost meaningless waste of money as negative people can be infected within 72 hours prior to departure. Re-testing upon arrival and quarantine are more significant.

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All people is wrong, Japanese can still come in. Where are they supposed to go otherwise?

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Arriving Japanese, who were previously exempt from the negative COVID test 72 hours before departure, will now receive the same treatment as foreigners ... for three weeks and five days.

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I'm pretty sure forged or fake documents will quickly become readily available.

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All people is wrong, Japanese can still come in. 

The airline would turn them away. No airline would be required to fly a contagious passenger, Japanese or not.

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At present, business travelers from 12 countries (including,of all places,China) can enter Japan without negative test results, nor are they subject to 14-day-self-quarantine. Public outrage over the government policy of imposing the state of emergency while freely letting in foreign travelers prompted the reluctant government to apply stricter entry requirements.

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The airline would turn them away.

That would be good, but they are private companies. Immigration control during a pandemic should not be left to private companies, especially not private companies who are currently losing lots of money.

As with pretty much all leisure facilities remaining open, the lack of testing of Japanese returnees points to the government sticking its head in the sand and hoping Covid-19 goes away. I hope it goes away too, but would like to see action taken to make it more likely. Without it, I can only see the situation with this new variant getting worse.

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Two of my japanese coworkers came to Japan before the new years holiday. (Begining of December)

One from Germany, one from the US.

Both brought a negative test from Germany and the US.

Both had another test at Narita airport.

Both were negative tested at Narita.

Both went to Quarantine in an airport close by Hotel for 2 weeks.

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re: "the latest scheme" so is this is a plot or a plan?

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Some equality at least.........until mid February.

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And that’s where is the problem. Even after two consécutives tests they have To do the quarantine while within Japan , even contact cases do not have such stringent measures to respect.

Here, if in contact with a case but not under the definition (15mn within 1m), nothing is required except monitoring the health, that’s it.

Two weeks quarantine after two consecutive negative tests ( if the first one not forged for sure) is not scientifically right

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*@gokai_wo_maneku** I'm pretty sure forged or fake documents will quickly become readily available.*

A bank employee in the UK was printing them and selling them as a part-time job!

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Apart from reasons of bereavement or visa expiration etc, I really don’t know why people are flying.

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Millions don't take it I'll get my shot faster. hahaha

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So mainland visitors from China 1.3 billion pot were left open bar with Japan.

Be certain that all variants have come freely to Nippon unfortunately.

I believe politicians are happy that retired people are casualties. It will turn over against themselves then only they will apply due leasures. Until now being able to eating in steack restaurants is the plan.

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Treating humans like dogs now, if you don't have your pets vaccinations in order they will send your pet back to where it came from or worse yet, quarantine it for 3 months. I think they are just following the animal template for travel.

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I really don’t know why people are flying.

It's called the spice of life.

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Apart from reasons of bereavement or visa expiration etc, I really don’t know why people are flying.

Work, business; not all can be conducted online. I have business in the U.K. that should have been concluded in December, due to Covid I was able to put it off until March. If I’m not in London in March there will be huge problems.

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All people is wrong, Japanese can still come in. Where are they supposed to go otherwise?

If Japanese nationals become sick outside if Japan they will not be allowed entry into their home country until they test negative for the virus. They must quarantine in the country they are residing in until all clear.

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Just a little late.......The main problem is here now'

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It's called the spice of life.

Nah. It’s called a pandemic, mate!

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There have been around two dozen cases of the highly contagious English/South African covid strains detected in Japan now according to the J media. These cases look largely or maybe wholly among returnees.

Japan's covid border security policy has been quite hodge-podge of reactivate steps ever since the Diamond Princess berthed last winter.

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Singapore requires it as it is one of the countries on the "green line" list. You have to get the PCR test withing 72 hours of departure, then go into quarantine in a dedicated facility, and on the 11th day of quarantine get another test, before being allowed into the country.

It's all at one's own expense, the quarantine with PCR test, is $2,000 (SD)

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I think Biden may do the same soon. Gonna be a lot more expensive to travel.

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Good move overall, the next step is the one which entrants from several countries already have to follow now (originally U.K and S. Af but now expanding to several countries); neg PCR (must be this type) within 72 hours of take-off, another on arrival in Japan and another on the 3rd day following 3 days in a government-approved place (initially Toyoko Inn Narita), then 11 more days strictly stuck at home having downloaded an app.

Journey from government-approved place/airport to home NOT by public transport or taxi, Keisei do a segregated train car on the Skyliner plus approved limo from Ueno to a 23-ku address for 20000yen - although as posted when I took it the train the car was designated but not at all segregated....

But could Japan handle those measures for ALL entrants?

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@tottenhaminremnants. The compulsory three day quarantine at a government approved place costs the state time and money in terms of securing places, providing adequate security and basic facilities such as catering and cleaning, let alone all the paperwork. Staff would have to be tested daily. Could you see this happening here, for all entries at all international airports? It’s too late anyway, the virus is here, the variants are here, it’s endemic so Japan should be concentrating on dealing with the virus internally, not acting like King Canute at the border.

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You are correct. I live in Singapore but visit Japan a lot for family reasons.

Everyone, including Singaporeans, has to follow the 14 days quarantine rule and so far they caught all the infected travelers before they could enter the country.

This is the main reason why Singapore is, at the moment, all but COVID free.

I appreciate that controlling 6 million people in SP is a lot easier than 125 million in Japan, but the Japan Government can learn a thing or two from the way Singapore has been handling the pandemic

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Well that makes sense doesn’t it?

I'm glad Australia now requires it for international arrivals

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The whole handling of this virus situation is a flaming joke !

Travelers from a few nations China included have been coming in ?

Quarantine is not required ?

Arrive at the airport catch a cab to your destination ?

The govt plan has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese, we are expected to believe the govt is handling things correctly or they are taking the p!th ?

Mean while others health , well being and incomes are severely being impacted with no regard for the general public !

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Which is better catching Covid and surviving it or constantly pay theRediculous costs of PCR?

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Which is better catching Covid and surviving it or constantly pay theRediculous costs of PCR?

If you care for your long-term health

A couple of studies about long-term effects of Covid-19:

"The Lancet: Most patients hospitalised with COVID-19 have at least one symptom six months after falling ill, Wuhan follow-up study suggests"

Study of 1,733 patients first diagnosed in Wuhan (China) between January and May followed to June and September.

76% of COVID-19 patients have at least one symptom six months after symptom onset.

Fatigue or muscle weakness is the most common symptom, with sleep difficulties and anxiety or depression also frequently reported.

Lower antibodies against COVID-19 in patients six months after becoming ill compared with during acute infection raises concerns about the possibility of re-infection.

"Most patients who recovered in Wuhan suffer lung damage"

Ninety per cent of a sample group of coronavirus-recovered patients from a prominent hospital in China’s Wuhan city where the pandemic broke out have reported lung damage and five per cent of them are again in quarantine after testing positive for the virus, according to a media report on Wednesday.

A team at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University led by Peng Zhiyong, director of the hospital’s ICU, has been conducting follow-up visits with 100 recovered patients since April. The first phase of this one-year programme finished in July. The average age of the patients in the study is 59. According to the first phase results, 90% of the patients’ lungs are still in a damaged state, which means their lungs ventilation and gas exchange functions have not recovered to the level of healthy people, state-run Global Times reported.

So yeah, if you get infected with Covid-19, there's a chance your lungs will suffer long-term damage. Like a smoker. So don't get Covid; don't take a chance of its long-term effects

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Some friends from Indonesia returned for a winter holiday they had to take a PCR test at the airport 20,000 yen and had to wait for the results. Before returning to Japan the same thing and they must stay in quarantine for a week and before leaving their bubble will have to undergo another PCR test.

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What idiot goes on holiday during a pandemic?

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"This is the main reason why Singapore is, at the moment, all but COVID free."

Not true.

As per the 8 Jan (latest available figures), there were 29 cases in Singapore.


Applying the usual JT'eer "expertise" concerning Japan's "statistics" I am gonna say such figures must be multiplied byy1000 before we get anywhere closer to the real numbers.

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If this was enforced from the very start, there was no need for a blanket ban

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I wonder if we take the vaccine like I did already are we allowed to enter Japan? or do we still have to take the covid test? If we still have to be tested then it does not ma’e any sense to take the vaccine at all, to travel from Hawaii to Japan.

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Thank you for downvoting me without providing any information, where are Japanese suppose to go? They are stuck in another country, maybe without money? Are they homeless and countryless? Their own country is not allowing them in?

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It is what it is I suppose. I don't like the fact that governments that have no qualms about raising taxes at the drop of a hat have no trouble with having people, provided they have a good reason to travel, pay hundreds of dollars for the testing.

People of all countries still have many questions and some answers, but the answers are too difficult to find among the metadata being generated in the echo chambers. Information that might have truly been useful at some time is too often outdated by the time it's discovered. There are legacy postings by governments and media left up on our dumpster of an Internet that confuses the matter even further.

Some questions:

How long does a vaccination protect you for?

Can a person who has been vaccinated still be a carrier at some point?

As someone commented, if you have a negative test 72 hours prior to your arrival in any country, what would have prevented you from contracting the disease during that 72 hour period?


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