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Americans from virus-hit cruise ship head home by chartered plane


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Well I’m glad the non-infected Americans will be able to come home. As well as the people from other countries as well. I am also even glad that they’re going to get quarantined even after the fact, considering the fact that symptoms can show up after you’ve been tested and shown to be negative with the virus, initially at least.

I know I’ve said this a few times before, but I really am glad that countries around the world were so thorough in quarantining people. Yes it sucks for the people being quarantined, but considering the fact that the death toll for the virus is 1500 in China alone, you obviously can’t blame these countries for being so thorough regarding the virus.

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Good! I have been for this from the beginning! Better late then never, and it lessens the burdens on the medical resources here, as the virus is slowly spreading to different corners of the country!

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I wonder if these poor souls will ever want to set foot on a cruise ship again. I know I won't.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

Beyond being floating microbial incubators, these cruise ships are monuments to human excess, arrogance and waste. They pay little or no taxes, being registered in tax havens where they spend little or no time. They don't even contribute much to the economies of the places they visit, since so many needs of the passengers are fulfilled by the cruise line, not local vendors. If these horror stories now cause people to think twice before booking their cruises, that can only be a good thing, for themselves and for the planet.

11 ( +16 / -5 )

Its about time. But that's what they should have done in the first place.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

Come and pick your own citizens, host nation Japan announces to the world. Can’t see that happening this summer. There has to be a plan B.

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355 on-board infected. That's about 10 percent.

Compared with Hubei province, population 58 million with 56,000 infected, ie 0.1 percent.

Even allowing for under-reporting in China, that ship's "quarantine" has clearly been a disaster.

7 ( +11 / -4 )

Even allowing for under-reporting in China, that ship's "quarantine" has clearly been a disaster

Allowing for the full 2 weeks incubation time for the infection every infection until now happened before initiating the quarantine, there is no way to know for now how effective it was.

Cruisers are well known to be a paradise for respiratory infections, lots of people aboard are of advanced age, everybody is in close contact for a lot of time and people with symptoms do not remain isolated, this virus is no different from the usual situation with influenza in that respect.

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355 on-board infected. That's about 10 percent.

They’re all not tested. It’s more like 30% of the tested.

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Heading home to do another 2 week quarantine there? Ah hell no.I'd rather stay in Japan,then go home.

You didn't read nor heard what the us immigration said about people not boarding this plane.

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355 on-board infected. That's about 10 percent.

Compared with Hubei province, population 58 million with 56,000 infected, ie 0.1 percent.

Even allowing for under-reporting in China, that ship's "quarantine" has clearly been a disaster.

1) A ship is different from a province

2) They were infected before quarantine began

3) The purpose of a ship quarantine is to prevent it from spreading on land

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Before there was legionnaires disease. Until air ducts have individual separate vents I will never take a cruise. I hope they all survive.

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Until we get full figures, we don't know the extent of the virus consequences.

If no death from 355 people infected, it would mean ghat if taken well care of, you don't die from it.

Is that really the case because it is so surprising with a ship full of senior people ?

Good job so far because not sure this situation was foreseen.

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Ah hell no.I'd rather stay in Japan,then go home.

That's a great point. Evacuees are only allowing those without symptoms who have not tested positive, meaning theoretically everyone going back is not infected, yet still subject to the 14 day quarantine.

However the original 14 day quarantine ends in 2 days. If you stay on the ship, wait 2 days, you can get off and go home like normal.

Good bit of an oversight there on the American side. Both from the State Department not taking this into account and by Americans who chose to leave basically voluntarily doubling their quarantine period.

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On that note .....

Canadian, Italian, South Korean and Hong Kong passengers were expected to follow soon, after their governments also announced plans to repatriate passengers.

The quarantine ends Wednesday. Today is Monday.

By the time they get planes in Japan the passengers could already be on flights back themselves. Lest they want to double their quarantine period for perhaps a free return flight.

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Should have moved the ship to Yokosuka, disembarked them there and sent them out via Atsugi rather than risk using Haneda.

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Well they'll be going back to the US, but they'll be quarantined for another 14 days, whereas if they were not infected they would have disembarked the ship on Wednesday. I do hope this information was told to all these face-mask wearers who's 2 week ordeal will begin anew..

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Better to err on the safe side. Add another fourteen days.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

What's that plastic in the background? "No virus beyond this point?"

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A guy with a Blue Jays hat snuck on.

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Good to see the Americans wearing their face masks, they'd be truly stupid not to

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China said the rate of new coronavirus cases had slowed

actually according to public stats, the 2% rate that had been holding steady for a month is now at 2.48% (1775 / 71331)

This is not a decline.

Unless they have other information?

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Quarantine countermeasures: The upside...once home its always good to have family and friends next door ready to back you up rather than remain isolated all lonesome in foreign soil. The downside...just hope good Uncle Sam (U.S.) is going to pick up the tab. Can't stand the idea of smacking the expenses to innocent passengers. Welcome home!!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

> But I read this: The evacuees would be subject to a 14-day quarantine.

They clearly said... "those who don't want to come back with the flight, may not be allowed to enter the us for a certain period of time. This is not a better option.

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the downvotes is funny... the true hurt?

Message from the state department "Should passengers choose not to return on this charter flight, they will be unable to return to the united states for a period of time. Google is your friend.

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just hope good Uncle Sam (U.S.) is going to pick up the tab.

Most likely not, the repatriation flights from Wuhan to the US were done on a reimbursement required later (or you never get a new passport) basis.

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Looks like Cargo Class flight. And I thought Economy was bad.

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