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At least 50 dead, about 50 missing as torrential rains lash Japan


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In 20 years here, I've seen some horrific storms, but this storm made all of them pale in comparison!

Parts of the area I live in in Yamaguchi Prefecture, had/have road flooding where there are no rivers, and those that do, became part of the rivers.

Evacuation warnings were received via smartphone, twice. One for mudslides and the other for flooding. I opted to stay home.

Workmen on a construction site behind my house, were continuing to work through the torrential rain and ultimately had to be ordered to stop and leave by local police.

Some schools in the local vicinity, surprisingly did not close until the first warning was received, despite the first /ground floor, being under several inches of water in a nearby elementary.

Local news is showing the aftermath this morning and its not pretty.

Be careful out there folks!

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6 dea, 36 missing now. The footage out of Saka-cho in Hiroshima looks ghastly. Been raining in Kobe for 50 straight hours.

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Zichi, my understanding of this is Kobe is still in the red. The purple tokubetsu keiho for Hyogo is for other areas.


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Sucks man. RIP to the departed. Stay safe y’all in that area. Kisses.

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Be careful out there.

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Told to evacuate yesterday. Went there. Just one family. No rain. Train stopped.

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Very sad.

This hardly made world news.

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Sad to hear of the problems others have been facing in Japan. Our local river in Kumamoto was widened and the banks raised after a multi-year project; without that, I'd probably have been on my roof, too. Global warming results in extreme events.

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Very sad to hear this news. Reminds me of the flooding in Queensland a couple years ago.

Thoughts and prayers to all the victims of the storm.

I wish the very best to the SDF and civilians trying to help people in need.

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'  No rain.'

Where are you that it's not raining? :-)

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Wow! 27 confirmed dead and another 50 missing? That potentially a large death toll. I'm curious how many of these people disregarded the evacuation orders. I'm also curious how many were not given evacuation orders.

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i live in fukuoka city and i'm still standing #yeahyeahyeah

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44 dead?! That is really terrible news. My thoughts go out to all those affected.

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Wow. I thought we had it pretty bad in Osaka, but nothing like in that pic. The river outside my apartment is soooo wide I don't honestly think it's possible to overflow, but it came closer than I've ever seen it. Take care, people. It's over in many parts, but the rivers are still dangerous.

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Incerdibly, during a live NHK broadcast this afternoon, some genius in a kei car tried to drive through easily 2m worth of standing water... the car almost looked like it was ready to start floating before the driver finally had second thoughts and reversed course. They were lucky to get out of there. With all the danger out there already, we don't need people making stupid decisions like that.

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It's worth repeating again: "Turn Around, Don't Drown".

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I used to live in a country area of Mie Prefecture and about 12 or 13 years ago, a number of people were killed by a landslide on the outskirts of town. News like this brings back bad memories and my thoughts are with all who are dealing with this now.

Just on another point about driving through flood waters. Tests have shows that with cars being sealed so well these days, it takes very little for them to start to float and be able to be washed away. Less than 50cm of flowing water can have catastrophic results. :(

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Other sources saying over 80 dead :(

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Oldman 13 it is being reported world wide, I first picked up on it via the BBC.

I know Japan is liable to heavy rain storms but this looks exceptional!

Hope the death toll doesn’t rise any further and the missing are found safe.

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The Spanish news are talking about this. So sad. My family and I will be arriving to Osaka and Kyoto in mid August. We are wondering if it will be safe. My heart goes to all the victims and their families, and to all affected by this.

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My condolences to the victims of the natural disasters. Fond memories of Osaka 4 years ago when I took 2 of my students from Brunei Darussalam to participate in a forum. Beautiful place and people.

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Zichi. I agree 101% with you on your suggestion regarding places to visit. My students from Brunei Darussalam go on annual home-stay trip to these places. Awesome memories and pictures! Hope these places are free from the unexpected floodings and landslides.

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