At least 20 dead, 14 missing after floods in southwestern Japan


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Is that a bridge being washed away? WTF.

Stay safe everyone, looks very dangerous.

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Kyodo News is reporting rain at the rate of 98mm of rain per hour in one area.

Good luck everyone.

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That looks a mess, I hope non of the JSF get hurt whilst help with the clean up.

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Stay safe, people. Stay away from rivers and low-lying areas if there is the potential from flooding, and pay attention to any warnings that may come your way.

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Hitoyoshi is in south-central Kumamoto, an unbelievably mountainous place carved by the Kuma River. I can imagine how a deluge there would produce multiple disasters. We here in the city are safe.

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I AM VERY very very SORRY for all people in these areas.

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Isn’t this similar to another nursing home disaster through flooding some years ago? Don’t they know that nursing homes in areas vulnerable to flooding is inviting disaster? And Kyushu and Shikoku are the most dangerous areas in Japan for heavy rain.

By the way, if you ask Japanese when is tsuyu month, they will almost always say June, like a knee jerk reaction according to what their teachers told them as children. But in fact, in the many years I’ve been here, the major tsuyu events nearly always occur in July. Between the 1st to 15th. Nearly every single time.

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Damn, Kyushu is getting hit like this every year now it seems......loss for words

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To those suffering I wish you a speedy recovery. May the sun come out soon! Stay safe people.

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It’s now up to 21 dead, 18 missing. Hitoyoshi, Ashikita, Tsunagi, Yatsushiro, all are suffering from flooding, overflow, and landslides. My kids’ school has already prepared for more rain that is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow by preemptively canceling school for tomorrow. These rivers rarely flood this bad, so many areas are just not built up enough to stop the overflow. So many hatakes ruined, many just barely finished planting their rice, too. The main road is closed off between Tsunagi and Ashikita because of a huge landslide right at the entrance of one of the tunnels down here. It’s a mess.

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