Bullet train staff made to sit by tracks as safety exercise

By Toru Yamanaka

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This seems utterly pointless.

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Why do they even bother with the hard hats and googles?

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Well, not a single mass accident on a bullet train so the training is working. They should be introducing this to the rest of the world where we see so many massive train disasters almost on a weekly basis.

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I can't see the point my self, it must be utterly terrifying being that close to a speeding train. can't they stand near a platform or something?

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I hope they are given the afternoon off to wash there underwear.

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Of course, the managers will never submit to this treatment. The labour union is completely useless at protecting its members too.

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ah Japan if theres no fear , stress, pain or misery your not doing it your job properly

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what is dangerous? they are being taught where to take cover if train passes by at high speed and reducing the fear and panic of such encounter.

If you dont think you are up to the dangerous job, dont work there - go to sort drinks at conveni or clean streets.

It seems they start learning from US system... no wonder trains dont run there properly...

the company should dismiss all the complainers without pay and with extremely bad letter.

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Safety staff made to sit right next to bullet trains running at 300km/h

You can read all about it, practice on computer simulations and virtual reality, etc., but nothing compares to being out there in the real world, actually seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing the actual thing. Hands-on training under actual operating conditions makes an impression and is the best teacher.

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Blimey! I usually feel that some times health and safety goes mad but on this occasion this is totally necessary! The same kind of effect can be gained at a station or from a CGI impression! All it would take is for one of the employees to panic and try and get out, and then what would happen! Disaster!

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Sorry to clarify, Un-necessary!

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