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Certified oldest man in the world - at 112 - likes soaking in hot springs, eating sweets


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I wonder how the certification process goes annually - do they re-distribute the certificate after the previous oldest person dies? In Japan, at least. Even more so I wonder what the next oldest person thinks of such award, as there was someone else before, and will be after...

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Doesn't everyone like sitting in hot springs and eating sweets? Brilliant.

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A Meiji-era Japanese! Not many of those left. I hope he continues to live his days well and happily.

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Hopefully he can go on to break the longevity record, I think it’s only time before someone breaks the 130 mark

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As long as you have your health, longevity is a thing to be celebrated!

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He would be 7 years old when Titanic sank, 9 years old when WW1 started, you could go on imagining what has happened during his life which to most of us is history.

Congratulations to him.

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I suppose that I’ll get to 100 then...

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So hot springs and sweets are key to a long life huh? Time to eat ice cream while in an onsen I guess

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There may be some truth to this. The hot spring inn we go to every year at the Sea of Japan has a 105 year old guy who comes in almost daily to soak in the hot spring. I was surprised when he came in while I was in the bath without any assistance, cane or wheelchair.

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I’m gonna make it to 100, or die trying!

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Congratulations on fabulous achievement! We all hope to catch up to him and live past 112 in future.Japanese hot springs has minerals that are beneficial to long life,and curing of medical ailment. Also, stay away from all alcohol, and only eat occasional sweets.Western people dont understand these factors.

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Hot springs, sweets and daily newspapers, yeah? Anyways, congratulations on your long life! May your remaining days be happy ones as well. You've seen a LOT of important historical events in Japan and the whole world itself. Lots of amazing memories and stories to tell.

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Ganbare Japan! --- Western people dont understand these factors.

Perhaps these ones did, eh chief?

Jeanne Calment F 21 February 1875 - 4 August 1997 - 122 years, 164 days - France

Sarah Knauss F 24 September 1880 - 30 December 1999 - 119 years, 97 days - United States

Lucy Hannah F 16 July 1875 - 21 March 1993 - 117 years, 248 days - United States

Marie-Louise Meilleur F 29 August 1880 - 16 April 1998 - 117 years, 230 days - Canada

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Damn. I don’t like this world, but it looks like I too will live to over 100. I have an onsen point card and love sweets.

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Just out of interest, I looked at the Japanese articles about him, specifically about the "sweets". The Japanese articles about him use the word "amaimono". This means anything sweet in English, not just "sweets", which may well set the British English reader off thinking he likes what American readers call "candy". The Japanese articles also specifically said he likes cakes. Most dictionaries gloss "amaimono" to "sweet things" or "sweet stuff". It's a very vague term.

I would imagine soft foods like cakes and ice cream must be an easy way for older people to get sustenance.

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