Charity wins award for turning empty houses into homes for single moms

By Rina Chandran

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Good for them! But a shame that a country like Japan treats its single mothers this way. I especially can't understand why there is not a better alimony system. I know that the gov't and legal system is run by men, but after a divorce they seem to get off scot-free while the mother has the entire burden of raising the children on her own.

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Great to read about this. They deserve all the recognition they get.

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Well done to this organization! I hope those mothers will flourish and their precious children will grow up to lead very happy lives.

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cheers to this organization for thinking outside of the box and jeers to the LDP for not addressing the hardships of these single mothers by themselves earlier.

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the poster also says "singuru papa". i wonder why single fathers weren't mentioned in the article? a canadian friend of mine is a single father in fukuoka.

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@progressiveToday  08:24 am JST

well observed, and an excellent point.... nice one!

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Great news. Just hope they can pay all the thing like city tax, maitance etc. it’s tough.

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A good gauge of gender equality in a given country is the poverty rate of single mothers. Baby steps.

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If there's a stigma that single mothers are financialy unstable, wouldn't subsidized housing further reinforce this notion?

Foreigners face stigma ALL THE TIME when renting apartments. But we still manage to get the job done without subsidy.

What do you mean by lack of economic opportunities for single mothers? Is it because these single mothers don't have in demand skills that pay enough to support kids? Is it a daycare issue? Aren't single mothers at the top of the waiting/priority list already? A lot of single mothers move back to their parents homes as well.

I know some single mothers who work their tail off and get by just fine. Salute to them.

P.S why weren't single fathers mentioned?

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