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Chinese navy ship enters Japan waters near Kagoshima Pref islands


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Should have been buzzed. Make them go to General Quarters. Then leave.

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The PLA-N vessel should've been tailed and buzzed until it is in Japanese waters. China really likes to test the security of its neighboring countries, but this is not random. I think Beijing is testing for gaps in the security. I'm willing to bet that the PLA-N survey vessel is likely gathering data.

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Freedom of navigation. No information on how close it was. But it is very close to mainland Japan.

I agree with @Toshiro. All countries do this to test other countries defense systems. I just hope Japan was up to it with our expensive defense systems.

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So the article says "territorial waters". This could mean an EEZ intrusion or the 12 nautical miles of the coast rule. If the later, they need a real shadow, like 7th Fleet.

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I thought the States and Japan had a military agreement or not?

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Isn't it amazing that high-level diplomats get to sit across from each other, smile, talk about ushering in new eras of peace, cooperation and mutual prosperity, then at the same time sneak around each others houses, looking for open windows, carrying weapons, probing and practicing for an attack. Imagine if someone did this to you personally? You would think they were a complete nutjob. I know it'll never end, but you have to take a step back from it once and a while and wonder, what is it all for really? Guess we just can't help ourselves, primates with expensive toys and bloodlust.

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Intercept, challenge and shoot across their bow. What do you think China would do if reversed?

Their testing response, so respond.

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The ship must have been surveying an underwater chart for Chinese submarines. It's inconsiderate of China to engage in such a survey in another country's apparent territorial waters without notifying the relevant country. Or has it notified and got permission? China should know it's tantamount to an of war unless due diplomatic procedure was followed and that it's this assertiveness on the part of China that its rise, unfortunately enough, is feared across Asia.

Remember, too, that it is China's such action, a god-send for conservative right wingers in both Japan and the U.S., that stimulates Japan to go back to pre-war militarism and make the U.S. justify its firm military presence in Okinawa.

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Can’t handle a simple vessel but want to rely on preemptive missile launch pad strikes? That doesn’t fit neither now nor then.

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The news said "Territorial Waters"not "Soverignity Waters", so the ship could entered "EEZ", Economic Exclusive Zone and that was nothing Japan do this to protest. The ship was not fishing or drilling minerals so it was just passingby.

Some said the ship eas doing surveying the seabed as pathfinder for submarines.......let me tell you, the US navy has been doing this around Hainan island in South China Sea for 70 years!

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very typical move by the chinese military... chinese jet fighters are also frequently spotted near Okinawa... Japan needs to ramp up its military... quickly!

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The news said "Territorial Waters"not "Soverignity Waters", so the ship could entered "EEZ", Economic Exclusive Zone and that was nothing Japan do this to protest.

Actually the article says the ship was west of Kuchinoerabu Island. Yakushima Island is also west of Kuchinoerabu. In fact it’s only 12 km west, meaning the farthest this ship could have been from Japan’s coast is less than 6 km!! I would say something a bit stronger than “protested” was warranted!

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Apparently it was a survey ship according to NHK, sniffing around at night. There must be plenty of interesting stuff around there.

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UdondashiToday  09:27 am JST

I thought the States and Japan had a military agreement or not?

They do. Any attack or invasion on Japan will invoke Article 5 of the US-JPN Mutual Defense Treaty triggering a U.S. military response. Securing the borders and terrritorial waters and airspace is the responsibility of the JSDF.

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Sven AsaiToday  12:37 pm JST

Can’t handle a simple vessel but want to rely on preemptive missile launch pad strikes? 

Why do you say it wasn't handled? The fact that this article exists means the intruding survey vessel was monitored. If no one knew about it, then we could say that "it wasn't handled".

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Well surprise surprise, China stirring up troubles yet again. Typical Chinese behavior these days.

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The Chinese military ship entered Japanese territory waters in an area there's no contested islands in that area.

Japan had every right to retaliate but seeming the preemptive strike decision wont be made until the end of the year Japan is just like a limp useless wet noodle thats become feeble cowering with its tail between its legs.

Japan should of sent a stronger message with a peace keeping force.

Get China out of your waters immediately !

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This was no accident. They knew exactly what they were doing there.

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That ship was practising freedom if navigation, very well done!

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I don't think the ship was demonstrating its right to freedom of navigation. 

The channel between the Yakushima/Kuchinoerabu Islands and Kuchinoshima Island, the northernmost island in the Tokara Islands, is about 60 kilometers (= 37 miles) in breadth and so the survey ship must have been navigating through the channel about 30 kilometers (= 12.6 miles) off the shores of both Yakushima and Kuchinoshima islands.

Since territorial waters are defined internationally as areas 22.2 kilometers off shores, the relevant survey ship may not have violated international law. Even so, the ship that was surveying the seabed of the channel for the submarines of the nation it belonged to could send ripples of alarm to the nation involved.

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