Classmates of missing boy help mother search for him after landslide in Hiroshima


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Heartbreaking! I do so hope he is alive somewhere for his sake and the sake of his poor mother and friends. He’s all she has being a single mom.

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A terribly sad story. That poor boy.

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Sometimes the story of one person or one family helps you to understand the true nature of a tragedy like this even more than the horror show that's been the inexorably rising death toll.

I sincerely hope Shotaro Ueki is found alive somewhere, somehow, but you would have to say that in the midst of all this heartbreak and disaster, it doesn't seem likely.

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He later called his mother after leaving his home, but the connection was cut off after she heard him say, "Oh my God."

This breaks my heart. I hope & pray the son will be found alive.

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If the worst has happened I really hope it isn't one of his young classmates who finds him :(

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Saturday the 14th is set to be the hottest day of summer so far here, with an estimated 36° - 38°C. Please remember these people and the rescuers in your thoughts and prayers!

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Oh my God

What would that be in Japanese?

My heart goes out to mother who raised him on her own
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Very sad.

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quercetumToday  09:27 pm JST

Oh my God

“What would that be in Japanese?”

I saw the mother interviewed on TV. She said her son repeated ヤバイ (yabai) two or three times before the call was cut off. “Oh my God” is not how I would translate that, especially for a Japanese boy in that horrifying situation.

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I hope the boy is found alone be and well.

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What kind of heartless soul would thumbs down my prior comment to wish victims and rescuers well in the upcoming heat?!


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