Coast Guard searching for North Korean fishing boat reported to have sunk


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NK probably going to blame Japan for this sinking too!

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So let me get this straight.

NK is asking JP coast guard with JP taxpayers’ money to search for NK’s fishing boat who were illegally fishing under JP’s EEZ?

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New tactic by NK?

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A bully, either an individual or a country, will continue offensive acts of intimidation until the victim gives up and submits to what ever form of extortion the bully demands.

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Well the main reason for this, at this point, is that since they are inside Japan’s EEZ, they don’t have the authority to do a search and rescue themselves. Or at least I would imagine.

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So a North Korea ship Ilegally in Japanese fishing waters sinks, and then their comrades call their most hated enemy to help rescue them? Just curious how they notified Japanese officials for help, did they speak Japanese?

Pure comedy. As mentioned above they'll still blame Japan in the end.

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Japan should send NK a detailed bill.

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I commend Japan for stepping up to the plate and helping out the NK shipwrecked. Japan didn't have to but as the nearest capable entity it had to. I expect no less from anyone, unless cut from a barbaric gene pool . As humans, we're impaled by some inner character to reach out and help those in need even if we weren't the cause of their crisis.

Again, I thank the J authorities for quickly addressing the lag between human ideals and practices by sharing their largess at the hour of need. I'd like to remind posters here that during the Pacific war and elsewhere enemies, too, picked each others crews in the seas. A good example is at the battle of midway where the Japanese carriers were sunk and airmen had to ditch, it was Americans who fished them from certain death.

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Shameless North Korea..

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The Japan Coast Guard doesn't need to ram them, North Korean fishing boats do just fine at sinking all by themselves.

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North Korean fishing boat that was reported to have sunk in the Sea of Japan.

A North Korean boat telephoned a Japanese fishing office to report that another North Korean vessel had sunk in the northern part of a rich fishing ground

Was this a false report ?

A phone call from a NK ship that would send Japanese patrols North away from the southern fishing grounds making detection less likely.

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