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Couple provides homemade meals to support families of sick children

By Junki Iwasawa

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The couple, whose son died at a pediatric center northwest of Tokyo following a yearlong battle with leukemia, is trying to support distraught and worn-down families by providing them with nutritious and well-balanced homemade meals at the facility.

The Aokis are gems.

But why are these people of modest means tasked with helping the needy when the rich virtue signal with lavish foundational gifts that the truly needy rarely see and many of vast means just content with giving yearly greetings praising those who actually help those in need.


The reality for the "elite" in Japan and elsewhere the poor are an abstraction and in their privilege can never imagine themselves in similar situations.

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Nice story.

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Good people

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this is what gov have to do but they are busy with other "business"...

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There are still great and wonderful people around.

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Great and heartfelt gesture towards humanity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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That's so awesome and heartwarming.

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This is the right thing to do. This couple is doing a great thing, doing what they can. Good on them,

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