Court orders Tokyo Medical University to pay damages over rigged exams


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Never mond the fees, an assessment of lost earnings across their lifetimes should be made plus interest as the basis of compensation with an additional sum for their mental suffering and distress.

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That's ¥670,000 each. Less than a months salary if they qualified as doctors. The girls had their rightful futures taken from them. The true compensation should be in the hundreds of millions each.

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Yep, Japan does hate their women that much. Jesus patriarchy over 9000. Old boys club. And then they expect them to just be quiet, submissive and walking incubators. When will they realize that more successful women means more money for the government, more of everything. Societally they're still in 15th century.

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Inexcusable. I did English in an engineering department at a major university. One student I failed in his exam, and he came to me plaintively saying that if he didn't pass the exam, he wouldn't be able to graduate. I told him to study up, gave him the same exam, and he passed. There have been many times when people have tried to pass me money; I have always rejected it.

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A Japanese Guy told me that women should not be Doctors because women get pregnant. And when that happens they take time off from work. Men do not get pregnant and hence do not take time off from work. I said: Are you nuts?

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Some of those people only applied to a few schools. If those women were not accepted because of this sexist scam then how do you compensate denied dreams? Unless the women who still want to become doctors are accepted into medical school these schools simply paid a fee to keep women out. In a senes, these schools still won and got their way.

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The university admitted in 2018 that it had been marking down exam scores since at least 2006 to curb female enrollment and those of men who had failed the exam previously.

Since at least 2006……..or maybe since day 1?

How is this “University” even still open? Shut them down for being worthless.

How about paying every woman that ever took an entrance exam to the school?

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It's good, but not near enough. The amount should be PER PERSON, plus another 10 billion or more. The school should also be discredited for five years. Making people pay compensation for things they have been doing for decades at a compensation rate easily covered by the tuition of about four students is ridiculous and not at all going to stop them from doing it again.

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It wasn't just Tokyo Medical University. I could list 9 others that admitted to doing exactly the same thing, and several others with admission rates that look exceedingly shady.

The average developed country has 45% female doctors. In Japan its 24%.

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A Japanese Guy told me that women should not be Doctors because women get pregnant.

this is a true phenomenon in not just japan. Here male doctors either die from overwork or bad lifestyles, or run away from their wives with 20 year younger nurses, totally destroying the lives of their whole family and their social circle. My wife’s friend has three children and six grandchildren. She is a doctor and owns her own hospital. So having babies is not the issue, it the patriarchal idealolgy that men are somehow superior.

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The amount of damages awarded is appalling for a modern rich democracy, where the outrageous discriminatory practices by the university have severely impacted people's lives.

And the judges admonition of the university amounts to nothing but lip service. Gutless.

All in all it's a direct reflection of the current status of how hyper-conservative patriarchial politics rules the land.

This is confirmed by the latest Global Gender Gap Index which sees Japan sitting at 118th (how embarrassing) slotted between Burkina Faso and The Maldives.

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Did any of the people responsible for that get held to account? If not, all this will do is force them to be more creative with disguising their biases. The fine will just be an item on the university budget.

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I agree that university entrance should be judged on academic excellence alone, and not on age, sex, ethnicitiy, social class, type of high school (public or private), or 'endowments'. This applies equally to positive and negative discrimination.

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I wonder if things like this could possibly happen elsewhere in the world.

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They should've had their accreditation taken away. What crookedness.

The paltry sum of about 670,000 yen is also a slap in the face.

There doesn't really seem to be much of a penalty for usurping people's careers and futures.

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The university manipulated the exam scores "based on gender, which cannot be changed by people's own efforts or will," 

I thought you could change your gender nowadays by just identifying as a different one. Or is that only in America?


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The thing that is being overlooked regarding this shameful display of misogyny is the somewhat scary fact that less-qualified students have become and are becoming doctors in Japan.

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