DNA analysis to determine genetic impact of A-bomb victims on families

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Scientifically the effort has a lot of value, but it is extremely difficult that the finding can actually prove specific effects of radiation, if the volunteers are being convinced to participate under the assumption that this is the natural result of the research this can be an ethical problem.

Many genetic testing companies make a lot of promises about the meaning of what they discover, but up to date most of the mutations observed are only faintly related to conditions or risks, and in many cases the relationship disappears when more studies are done. At this point there is very little that can be said about the health of a person with one version of a gene compared with another person that have a different one.

Unless they get an important increase of the very rare variants that do have strong relationship with a disease ( like the BRCA genes and breast/ovarian cancer) it is very likely the results would be inclusive. And if these strongly related genes were affected there would be already epidemiological data to prove the damage.

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