Death toll rises to 11 as heavy rain continues in Kyushu


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Economic acceleration and industrialized strategy going further limits in China, more than ten times pollution of that happened in Japan 20/30 years ago ( in the 50's, 60's and 70's+80's) is ranging many other countries in Asia. More and more people getting unlimited money from nature (for free), is making all of those natural calamities like this incident of rain flood that could be in 1 year, happen in a single day. Countries that aims to be richer, getting economy growth higher is that a right thing? How can some people say climate change is fake ? We have to refrain by ourselves over-excess volume of products. Government(s) and companies don't have loss for 'developments' of it's own country, but most of the sacrificed people are we normal citizen + farmers. Isn't that right?

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near my house they cut a mountain for stones for roads. now it floods and the road is closed or 3 months of roadworks. near my house, the cut a lot of pine trees for wood. flooding and landslide. we have to live with nature under natures rules.

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I went by that river after some heavy rains a couple years ago, and it looked awesomely white and wild - scary even. Not a river I would care to live near.

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the cut a lot of pine trees for wood. flooding and landslide.

The awful consequences of deforestation. Tragic.

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This is my home town!

I have been here for 16 years now and a lot of my friends and students are out of homes.

Very sad in many ways but this is a natural even that has happend. Its very difficult to predict this kind of event and just shows us as humans how important it is to start becoming more and more ecological trying our harderst to build lives around nature encouraging its beauty rather than living against it. Its very hard in this era as we have been pushed into beliving everything new is easier and happier for life!

Its scary and I was very worried up until last night when my good buddy finally got a signal and he e-mailed me. All fo the homes along the river are wipped out and a newly built road they have been working on for 2 years, its gone! With more rain falling extreemely as we speak, everyone lets be safe and keep your ears open for warrnings in your area! :)

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even "Event"

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Sad and tragic like all disasters. More than 40 years ago in the UK lost our home and everything we owned to a flood but we survived and rebuilt. Kyushu has been getting it in the neck.

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Up to 11 dead now and rising. Where did all those 流木 Ryuboku logs and tree trunks come from? Off the mountainsides, or from lumber/timber yards, I wonder? Crazy stuff.

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All Prayers for Kyushu from Czech Republic. :-(

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We were on the Sakura Express close to this area heading to Osaka when this storm was at its worst.

This expresses the need for Foresty & Development projects to have emergency flood channeling to keep people safer.

One mercy is curious kids didn't get swept in this mess.

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In this way, Japanese learned all phenomena on earth is transitory from their disaster prone history.

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With hope, during the rebuilding efforts, so additional consideration will be given towards the flood risk/landslide risk, and the infrastructure improved to channel excess waters away safely.

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I again am praying for people of Kyushu.

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Just when they need time to recover Kami seems to be unhappy about something. I guess after the earth quake April last year the ground would have been disturbed and loosened in some areas to become more prone to land slides. The earth is constanty changing and Japan is young in geological terms with its mountain beauty comes natures challanges. I come from an anchient flat country where time had ground the landscape down, each time a walk near a steep retaining wall or hill side I feel a pang of fear.

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