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Helicopter crashes in Gunma; 2 of 9 aboard confirmed dead


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Why don't helicopters have parachutes fitted? I mean a parachute for the entire vehicle. I have seen them for Cessna-type aircraft but helicopters are even more dangerous than light aircraft, (which also seem to crash with tragic regularity). It looks like a good opportunity for an inventor to come up with something to reduce these tragedies.

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There is something strange with Toho Air being in all these these accidents.

Not at all. Toho is a massive, massive heli services company. Helicopters are comparatively risky aircraft. Crashes are going to happen. Toho's accident history is unremarkable, considering the huge scale of their operations.

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Many who labor to keep us safer fall victim to one type of accident or another. This is tragic.

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Very sad incident, RIP!...…….

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There is something strange with Toho Air being in all these these accidents.

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