Debris to be removed from side of Fukushima reactors


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Good luck with that!

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so remove some highly radioactive stuff and put it where? tokyo, kyushu, or just throw in the sea?

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I don't really get how they can come up with this stuff when they still claim not to know exactly where the missing melted-through corium is located never mind it's condition.

30-40 years must be a typo. Couple of zeros missing too?

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And where is this radioactive debris to be placed?

Still no places to store radioactivity contaminated substances in Japan ......

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Debris remains not only in the reactors' pressure vessel but also piled and scattered at the bottom of the containment vessel that houses the reactor vessel.

The debris is also under the containment vessel as some of it melted through. The procedure of removing these melted fuel rods is very precarious and any mistake could lead to an even greater disaster. There's an old movie called, the China Syndrome, which was fictional. However, these clowns stuff this up the sequel would be called, the Fukushima Syndrome and based on a true story

What a flipping mess! This whole fiasco could have been avoided if TEPCO had heeded the advice of waterproofing the electrics and getting the back up generators off the ground. This is without mentioning all the other incidents of falsifying records on safety upgrades not done. It's beyond criminal!

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The debris is also under the containment vessel as some of it melted through.

Is there any evidence of that? I don't recall reading about it.

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Of course it is out of the reactor vessel, at the at the very least.Why do you think there's so much radioactive contamination around the plant in Fukushima!

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