Emperor celebrates last birthday before abdication

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Campai!!!! may april 30th come soon, just an interesting side not and no disrespect meant but i found it interesting that Empress Michiko dated Mishima Yukio before marrying Akihito.

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Hail to the humblest and sincerest royal I've seen in a while!

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A well deserved Happy Birthday! Emperor Akihito has reigned with honor, courage and dignity, despite following the worst part of Japan's history under his father's reign. May his son follow the same path.

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I met the Emperor and the Empress once, while he was still the Crown Prince. My parents met them just after they were first married.

They are an amazing couple. They both had tremendous pressures to deal with in the aftermath of WW2. The Emperor is not his father and, by all accounts, has tried to do right by his country as Emperor in the post-WW2 era.

To be honest, I am pleased that both he and Empress will be able to enjoy their final years in "retirement". Perhaps even some tennis in Karuizawa!

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Happy Birthday, Emperor! 30 years reign is unbelievable! He has earned his retirement, and will enjoy life from next year. I can not wait until the Abdication ceremonies and huge parties next April and May!

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Happy birthday to a great man and our Emperor . He thoroughly earned his retirement and now can have a

well earned rest . We all looked up to him as our world Ambassador , and I don't think there is a Royal anywhere in the world that has so much respect . I wish him a good crossing into the new year and a long life , enjoying quality time with Empress Michiko .

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Otsukaresama big man! Good on you for fighting your corner about the abdication and enjoy your retirement. This is a big change in protocol for the monarchy, and one which should help the other huge issue it is facing, that of female succession.

My newly issued driving license is valid until "Heisei 35".

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Hail to the humblest and sincerest royal I've seen in a while!

not really into Royals but if I were Id be proud to have him as my emporer, always humble , never pompous, always remourcful, always respectful to commoners even those that suffered under his father, genuinely nice person, hasnt let his position go to his head like other Royals around the world. Wish him and his wife ,equally nice person, many happy healthy years of retirement. Now if we could just get many of those in J government to follow his example.

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Very nice photo. You caught Empress Michiko looking right at you.

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Happy Birthday! The end is soon coming, and I hope you can finally rest!

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Happy Birthday, my Emperor.

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Hey, as far as emperors go, the birthday boy has been pretty alright in my book.

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I wish his bday was on 25th, that would give me one more day off :p

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The first war free ERA is an achievement in itself, a testimony to Quaker English, and long may it continue, even though 147 F35s will be arriving, which will be a strain on the regions peace.

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Only met him twice, but my instant feeling is he is a nice guy. Don’t trust the next one.

happy birthday and have a long life.

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