Emperor declares abdication; thanks people for support


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Highest respect ! Jürgen Zimmermann

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O-tsukaresama desu!

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There's some great pictures in yesterday's Guardian on 'The life and reign of Emperor Akihito'. Check out those fashions!

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Naruhito has already laid down markers indicating that his Reiwa reign will continue, refine and strengthen the changes to the emperor's relationship to people and nation, and to nations abroad, pioneered by his father Akihito in his Heisei reign. The imperialist uyoku are noisy about it and dismayed, but ultimately they're powerless to prevent the natural evolution of the imperial family's role, and Japan's role, in the 21st century.

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Thank you Emperor Heisei for having blessed Japan for 30 fruitful and tearful years! We will always have you in our hearts! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

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It was a fairly low-key ceremony. Nothing too pompous or emotional, I like it. Many royals & nations could learn from this. Well done Japan.

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Japan should have gotten a woman to do the job, Queen Elizabeth 67 years on the throne and still going strong. Hopefully one day Japan won't discriminate against women so blatantly . Akihito unfortunately didn't do much, he wasn't allowed to. I hope he enjoys his retirement. Is he now allowed to speak his mind freely? That would be a book worth reading.

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Thanks for the extra long holiday. That's it though. Enjoy the rest of your years in peace.

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Wondered what it would like living in Japan when the emperor died but now we have jumped that time.

Interestingly, when Hirohito died, it was not what I expected. A supprisingly low percentage (230,000) people lined the funeral route. Some protesters were arrested (with one woman throwing herself in front of the motorcade and dragged away screaming) and there was a small explosion along part of the route (no one killed or injured).

Not what I had imagined, with a curious lack of interest from my Japanese friends.

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First ever emperor of Japan never to have a war

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May he have time and health to enjoy his remaining days with the empress.

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First ever emperor of Japan never to have a war

Only a few out of 125 emperors would have had a war.  If you meant since Meiji revolution, Japan was manipulated and dragged into wars by the West powers.

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Thank you Emperor Akihito. You left Japan better off after Your kind and unbelievable rule, Heisei era was simply unforgettable. Reiwa era will see Japanese continuing Your peace-loving ways, while Japan grows and becomes even more important in the world because of Your hard work.

Thank You Emperor!! Long live Emperor Akihito!!

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At least I know there were no wars in Heian Era about 300 years and Edo Era about 250 years.  There were many Emperors in those Eras.

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To your health and happiness ! my highest respects.

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