Emperor, empress visiting Fukushima


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I would agree with "Sam White" on one thing, the accounting for all the monies received by Japan following the 3/11 disaster - where did all the money go ? Is there any transparency as to how much was actually received and where it went, and for what purpose ?

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On Monday, the couple will offer flowers at a cenotaph for tsunami victims 

Otherwise more COMMONLY know as a memorial site for the tsunami victims!

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Radiation levels in  Futaba and Namie are still too high for many of the former residents to be able to return to their former communities.

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A class act these two. The government could learn from them

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A photo would have been nice.

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Sam Whittle

The emperor doesn't get involved in politics. The visit by the emperor and empress is important for morale. I saw it on TV last night. They got a great welcome. They've visited the disaster-hit Tohoku areas almost every year since 2011.

The questions you ask are what the people should ask Abe and other politicians when they visit Tohoku. Abe was in Fukushima a few weeks ago and I am sure he got an earful from displaced residents.

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Sam Whitte

everything in your comment is incorrect.

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Maybe some of the still displaced camp residents can ask the royal couple why there was money found to pay for the olympics but not to finalize cleanup and rebuilding in the area. And where is the accounting of all the money that was donated in the hundreds of Pray For Japan schemes perpetrated around the world?

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