Emperor, empress to visit Okinawa in late March


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The emperor and empress first visited Okinawa in 1975, three years after its reversion to Japanese control, at a time when attitudes to the imperial family among local residents were complicated due to the war, which was fought under the name of the emperor's father, Emperor Hirohito.

Complicated? Understatement of the year. Emperor Hirohito never came to Okinawa as Emperor, he did visit once when he was the crown prince, stopping here on his way back from a trip to Taiwan. Many Okinawan people blamed him personally for much of the suffering that was inflicted on them, and the Emperor never made amends nor apologized to the people for the war that happened here in his name.

The IHA could not guarantee his safety as there were supposedly death threats against him at the time, as there was time where his coming here was discussed but ultimately decided against.

THIS Emperor and his wife are well loved by the people of Okinawa, he is respected, and cherished and will be warmly welcomed here this time!

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The Emperor, and empress should also visit some coast guard bases and some SDF bases. Honor the men who are defending Japan your Majesty!

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Will they visit China? I doubt it

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Will they visit China? I doubt it

Bugs the hell out of me that folks who don't know about history make comments like this. Live and learn!

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Will they apologize to the spirits/families of the Okinawans forced to commit suicide by the IJA?

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Just hope that the future emperor of Japan does not become manipulated by Politicians.

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Hooray! A needed visit.

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