Emperor, empress visit flood victims in Okayama


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But of course not abe, the elected representative of all people.

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Always good to see!

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Whenever I see photos like this, which are very touching, I wonder how Masako will do when she accompanies her husband on these trips when he becomes emperor next year. I think she has to be allowed to go out and about with the crown prince now. She needs to be seen with him more often in public and should be with him in France now. Because it isn't going to get easier for her. She is going to have a lot more duties as empress.

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I totally love those two. I am sure they will find happiness in retirement.

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Smartacus, “She needs to be seen with him more often in public and should be with him in France now”

She has been making more more appearances lately. But but in any case, who are you to declare how much or what she should do? I think it’s up to her and her doctors and family. If she had a physical ailment that confined her to bed would you still see fit to take it upon yourself to decide her schedule?

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