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Emperor, empress visit victims of heavy rain disaster in southwest Japan


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i have only met them twice, but he looks very fine. Michiko-sama looks a little tired, i worry about her.

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The Emperor and Empress are very lovely people -- despite whether people think having an Emperor (and family) is merely symbolic or not, they do a lot of good.

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We will not be able to see them in public from next year? We will miss them very much. Gen. MacArthur did many good things to Japan and reserving the imperial family as the symbol of Japan was a great success. The couple embodied the idea fully and sincerely.

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That's a nice jacket the emperor is rocking. It makes him look like he should be pumping gas and asking if I need my ashtray emptied.

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reserving the imperial family as the symbol of Japan was a great success.

I agree with you that the Emperor and Empress are truly fine people and have served their roles well. But the institution itself should have been scrapped after the war. It immiserates the individuals born into it, is a burden on taxpayers, and offers no significant benefit to a democratic society.

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I was honored to meet Emperor and Empress more than once, many years ago.  My family and I wish them well.

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They love people.. Can't say same politicians.

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