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Emperor performs ritual to report abdication to Shinto gods

By Mari Yamaguchi

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I simply don't understand how you think these people had no choice in their lives.

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Toyota Century. Now, that's a cyar (bit of Geechi speak). Notifying gods, eh? Reckon they don't know so much.

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Every time the US President says "God bless America" or prays at a site such as the tomb of the unknown soldier (a ritual in any other terms), your taxpayer dollars (if you're American) are at work too.

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Guess I'm the only one who respects the emperor and his spouse but thinks it's unconstitutional and offensive that they're performing religious rituals with my tax dollars. They may be benign as can be but the government is not. Normalizing state shintoist rituals is of a piece with their larger agenda--historical/constitutional revision.

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The original sword was lost at the Battle of Dannoura when Emperor Antoku died. The sword and jewel were thrown in the sea and although the jewel was later recovered the sword could not be found.

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Here is a creative story based on Japanese myth about the Sacred Sword.


The sword was found inside the famous eight-headed giant serpent, Yamatanoorochi. Susanoo, the brother of the Sun-goddess Amaterasu, who fought the serpent to save a young lady found it and offered it to Amaterasu in heaven. The Ise shrine is the place where Amaterasu is enshrined.

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I wonder if the three sacred Treasures are the real original ones or reproductions. Is there a website where they can be viewed?

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I greatry appreciate their efforts.

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mythical ancestress of the emperor. Mythical. Scared emblems that can not be seen by anybody. I have full respect for these people, they have lived their lives in circumstances that would drive most people to suicide. Yes tax payers prop up the IHA but the emperor had no choice for his life. He has had dignity and with the allowable show of individual gumption never put a foot wrong. Remember his plea to abdicate, well the head of the IHA was sacked for allowing that to happen. Replaced by a right wing cop. I have nothing but sorrow for their predicament based on a mythical notion.

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Long Live Emperor of Japan, I cordially and respectfully THANK YOU for your great duty for Japan and world peace in your 30 years of Hei Sei (平成)period. I'm praying for your good heath continue in new era Reiwa(令和) too.天の陛下万歳、日本万歳。

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The symbolizim is good as history shows again that there was an empress too

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Ooft that new Century looks so good (in an rich, ugly way - much like rolls royces and bentleys).

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That's a Toyota Century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Century

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Peeps, if yo have the chance, visit this area. History, food, friendly people. Been there many times.

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The royal couple are traveling with a legendary sword and a jewel, encased in black boxes and carried by chamberlains. The two items, together with an ancient mirror, are known as the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan and symbols of the imperial throne.

Ah so that's whats inside the cases. I was wondering about that when I saw two people carrying big boxes behind them last night on TV.

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I wish them both a safe trip and hope the upcoming abdication doesn't take too much out of them!

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