Emperor thanks people for support during 30-year reign; urges Japan to open up to world


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that's why there were flags on the buses

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Should have made it a law to not hold the position past 80. Emperor Akihito could have enjoyed a longer retirement

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Emperor, wise man.

Prime Minister, not so much.

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that's why there were flags on the buses

And that's why I could hear loudspeakers from vans blaring out nationalistic rhetoric all weekend.

Anyhow, お疲れ様です. I hope he lives out the rest of his days in peace. 平成

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The Emperor talks a lot of sense.

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In the first pic the Emperor has a look of disdain on his face to me. Room on April, I hope he enjoy many years of well disserved peace and relaxation!

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Completely agree....

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Ops... I always read things like this HERE...

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Beautiful photo. It captures perfectly how much respect PM Abe has for Emperor Akihito.

The Japanese Communist Party boycotted the ceremony

Disgusting. So furious about this. Clearly, they are being directed by their Communist leaders in PRC.

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In fact the photo just shows how ridiculously out of touch Abe is with everything the emperor has stood for. The communists are right: Abe wants to use the emperor for his lunatic rightwing ambitions. The emperor looks on with disdain.

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The current Emperor & Empress is perfectly correct. Japan is no more possible to be safe by depending on America.

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The less we can say is that Akihito does not look that excited about Abe's banzai.

Quite another embarrassing situation.

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Tenno Heika Banzai!

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

150 people marched in opposition?

And to think that many believe Japanese people to be apathetic, unthinking sheeple unwilling to stand against the grain

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Ganbare Japan!:

"The Japanese Communist Party boycotted the ceremony"

Disgusting. So furious about this. Clearly, they are being directed by their Communist leaders in PRC.

It's a good thing that oppositions are allowed to express their opinions. Not being so is to become like Communist China.

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ganbare japan:

Beautiful photo. It captures perfectly how much respect PM Abe has for Emperor Akihito.

Yeah, and it captures perfectly how much respect the emperor has for Abe.

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the emperor, who does not have political power, expressed hope...

Believe that if you want to. they still have a lot of political power and I believe they want others to think otherwise.

If an all out global war broke out, they would very much hope japan have a favorable win for their advantage...I can almost guarantee you that.

A world where there is bullying, everyone having to look and act the same, perversion and harassment, and fake robotic human interactions,...?? No way. No peace there.

If I had a loving and peaceful acceptance among those people with a sense of universal values respected, I would have sincerely told you otherwise.

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I appreciate the history and legacy of it all, but I just have a hard time taking it seriously when they aren't wearing their own native, traditional clothing.

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In that picture, the Emperor looks like he's thinking "I'm glad this is the last time I have to look at this guy."

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Great event! Great pics!

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Domo arigato gozaimasu to the Emperor and Empress.

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Q. Is this just a camera slight, but does the Woman has to bow lower than Man ?

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Emperors heart is in right place but no Japanese politicians are. They are paranoid of losing their control over the population. Japan is built upon bedrock of lies shams subterfuge. Has anyone seen or heard him complaining about the annual kidnappings of hundreds of kids of foreign fathers causing Japan to be on int'l blacklist for child abductions? You think he is blind, ignorant about what his compatriots are doing?

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