Fire breaks out on cruise ship docked in Yokohama


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a ship is like a hotel. complete with fire prevention system, trained staff, regularly inspected by Fire Brigade team. I wonder who's at fault...?

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Smoke on the water

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Well, if that isn't just a bit suspicious.

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The Summer has only just begun, yet we appear to have had far more fires of late than I can recall from other years.

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On a ship the crew members are all trained in firefighting. Normally, they should be able to handle it. That's essential at sea where - you can't call 119. When it's a passenger ship it's even more essential. As I watch this unfold on TV, I saw dozens of firefighters in 'full gear' and at least 12 hoses standing around on the deck near where the smoke was venting. Occasionally, they they hoses down the hatchway. So, guys, the fire is inside, go fight it there like real firefighters. This is common Japanese doctrine firefighting. Essentially they let the fire burn itself out while trying to prevent it from spreading. And, again i say, why are there so few sprinkler systems and smoke alarms in Japan?

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Black smoke means they have decided on a new captain right?

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Japan has a bad history with cruise ships, especially of late. What was that one a few years back that burned just before being completed because some shmoe was having a smoke break near flammable chemicals? Wasn't it supposed to be the biggest cruise ship in the world?

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Talk about a bad year for cruise ships docked in Yokohama.

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Feel sorry for the insurance fraud investigator who has to enter contaminated ghost ships.

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