Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska's Bering Strait

By Yereth Rosen

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Don't buy food from Fukushima.

If water is bad up there, seafood the should be worse.

Make TEPCO take care of this.

Jp government doesn't care about us.

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To be fair Fukushima is a large prefecture and area and only a small portion contaminated by the nuclear disaster but unfortunately because of past government actions there will be concern about foodstuffs from there.

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So scientists say it exists but everybody ignores them and denies science exists.

funny enough, I came to Kyoto this morning with my Geiger counter. Only just started, but at 1 meter is still not so bad. 5cm is a little bad. Around Kyoto station at 5cm is worse. Take care children.

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Wait until the mass dumping starts.

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But...but.. Abe-san promised the world that Fukushima was completely under control! Surely we can take him at his word and stop talking about it?

If you don't talk about it, it goes away - that's the way it works, isn't it?

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Don't buy food from Fukushima.

If water is bad up there, seafood the should be worse.

Thanks so much for your support, as if the people of Fukushima haven't been through enough in the past 8 years.

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The newly detected Fukushima radiation was minute. The level of cesium-137, a byproduct of nuclear fission, in seawater was just four-tenths as high as traces of the isotope naturally found in the Pacific Ocean.

Come on, please stop this useless alarmism!

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Btw. Just tested next to Gosho palace in Kyoto. 0.16msv at 1 meter. 0.23 at 5cm. That’s about from 700km away from the undoing nuclear disaster.

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Btw. Just tested next to Gosho palace in Kyoto. 0.16msv at 1 meter. 0.23 at 5cm. That’s about from 700km away from the undoing nuclear disaster.

normal background levels nothing to see. Rokko Mountains in Kobe, the normal background level is 6 microsieverts per hour because of the radon. Higher reading in New York than Kyoto.

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@Goodluck: Listen, we’ve had this discussion, many of us here are also concerned about radionuclides in food, the air, the water, BUT posting what you did is simple fear mongering. What isotope did you measure? What radiation? If it was Strontium 90, or Caesium 137, or any other "waste" isotope resulting from a fission reactor, cause for concern... BUT. QED.

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My point exactly, from day one, Zichi san (and good to see you back online). "Fukushima" is a huge ken and range of mountain down the middle screened the west side from the east. Japan Agriculture never gives exact point of origin as they know no one would buy something from, say, Minamisoma, etc. Answer: do not sell food from contaminated areas. Why don't the growers in western Fukushima prominently display that on their packaging?

Typical shopping experience: "Oh, look, cheap tomatoes (or whatever)...oh, look, "Fukushima". No thank you, I will pass and spend a few more yen for peace of mind.

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How could this be so? Are they stating the Japanese 'experts' who deny any major fallout are full of poop? (sarcasm)

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Patricia Yarrow,

I echo your points about both Fukushima products and having Zichi back online again.I will stay well away from Fukushima foods,it would be foolish not to,while at the same time look forward to reading Zichi's posts.....I remember after 3/11 he ke@t us ex-pats up to date with the real information.....many thanks,Zichi.

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Radiation levels in international cities. Level greater in New York, London, Singapore than Tokyo. Links to all prefectures and cities in Japan. Smiles to Spitfire and Patricia.

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Many thanks,Zichi

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@ the "but it’s higher in New York, London etc" crowd, BUT, you’re not saying what isotope, kind of radiation, that is very misleading. It’s like the banana troll that people roll out. As above, if it’s Caesium 137, Strontium 90, and other by-products of fission, of which there are higher levels in Kanto, Tohoku.... then it is a problem.

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I think the provided link explains enough of the details and more.

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I am not eating fish or produce from there. And to those of you who mock that as ignorance, I say to you, eat up!

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Fukushima was a terrible disaster. The way it has and is being handled is also a disaster. Japan tries to cover up and control the information about it before they announce anything to the public. Which makes it funny that someone issues a Japanese web link to defend their point. Lol

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