The center of Namie in Fukushima Prefecture is still largely deserted. Photo: Wikipedia/Steven L Herman

Fukushima residents fear crisis has fallen off radar as other issues take spotlight

By Satoshi Iizuka

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The Gov't is famous for "forgetting" things...intentionally. It is easier to make a 50 year plan, move through the plan a mm at a time all while hoping people "forget". Hell...I won't ever forget about this situation and these people...and I don't even live in Japan!

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Sweep it under the carpet, you don’t have to clean.

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"People lost loved ones in a very tragic way and never got to say goodbye. In about 2,000 cases no bodies have been found."

Last time NZ got hit big J-land got hit disastrously later...brace yourself.

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That road was wiped out before.

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Sorry to say, Fukushimites, but that seems to have been the plan all along. #outofsightoutofmind

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"Black panels are tightly placed as if those lands should not be idle and must be utilized to create something," she said, adding several mountains have been mined for earth and sand used in reconstruction works and for other purposes.

"Is it all right to destroy mountains and forests for the sake of renewable energy, just so (we won't have to) rely on nuclear power?" 

Farmland that has been covered by a mixture of seawater, sewage, and whatever the tsunami pulled out of factories, gasoline stands, home centers, the local painters, etc., will be heavily contaminated. That's before we even talk about radiation. Setting up solar panels is a way of creating value so that owners can be given some money for their now worthless land. This is exactly the model that was used to create money for moving the community in Higashi-Matsushima.

The mining of mountains for earth and sand has nothing to do with solar panels and should not be juxtaposed with "renewable energy" in the form of solar panels sitting on metals frames in former paddies. After visiting Fukushima so many times, is she suggesting its better to continue to "rely on nuclear power"??

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So sure the mitsubishis hondas densus ...... boekis especially will keep these islands on an olympic scale.

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Quote''"Is it all right to destroy mountains and forests for the sake of renewable energy, just so (we won't have to) rely on nuclear power?"'

It's not alright to do that.

Fukushima was old, it shouldn't represent nuclear energy or the new 3rd gen reactors in 2021. Technology is much safer! We can built nuclear reactors to whistand what happened in 2011.

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Water at Fukushima should be released.

How long do you intended to keep it in containers?? It's been a decade already. You used the filters, reduce the radiation, it's time to dump it. No other option on the table. Other countries have done the same!

Japan is becoming the fool of East Asia building thousands of containers to store water that should have been released a long time ago.

If Korea complains again we can ship it to them to handle it. They will complain no matter what we do.

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