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Going, going, gone! Tsukiji market holds last tuna auction before move

By Shingo Ito

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Its a sad day when an institution like S.F.M closes, its an end of an era, but, its poor condition didn't help, ive been there a few time with my son, and it was a lovely atmosphere, all of the hustle and bustle of daily business, I just hope the new place can replicate the same atmosphere.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Unless tuna fishing is more strictly limited the new auction site could see the last tuna auction ever within the next decade.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

The new site will feature state-of-the-art refrigeration and confine throngs of tourists to special galleries behind glass.

The perfect way to ensure there will be no throngs of tourists I suppose, who in their right mind would want to go watch a fish market devoid of character from a gallery behind glass?

8 ( +10 / -2 )

the tourists were getting in the way so that's why they'll be behind glass. Maybe they can add audio and video and some pay as you go telescopes

Those are some tiny tunas. Fishing out the juveniles it's only a matter of time. Tuna will be wiped out soon, since Japan doesn't know the meaning of conservation

11 ( +13 / -2 )

The new auction site has made a lot of accommodations for tourists. However, the new site will not have the same allure as Tsukiji, which I’m sure will result in a huge reduction in the amount of tourist who visit the new auctions. The Tsukiji market was an exciting ‘in your face’ type of atmosphere and most people went there many times. (I’ve been there 7 or 8 times). I think most people will only go to new site once just to check it out.

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Relocation! Relocation! Relocation!

That puts the Google Map another update. Heard even Billingsgate and Smithfields Market in London are planning to be relocated.

Anyway, there might be the documentary about this last day at Tsukiji Market, probably in Youtube by Only in Japan and Abroad in Japan.

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Am guessing the new one will have a gift shop, mascot, soft cream and many announcements and recorded messages in four languages.

8 ( +8 / -0 )

Another historic site going the way of history. Hopefully the one in Toyosu will be the start of new clean, safe and Tuna management.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Brian and Joe, Your hopes are not going to be met, I predict.

Toyosu looks sterile as the moon if it was designed by Tokyo Metropolitan politicans...as it is. There is no way it can "replicate the same atmosphere."

So far, with continued problems, leaks, and water upwelling through the liquid soil foundations, "Toyosu will be the start of new clean, safe and Tuna management" is highly unlikely. Will be convenient for the trucks and such.

It is such a shame and did not have to be. The old site could have been completely rebuilt in place. Perhaps they will be back once the Toyosu site proves unsafe and untrusted. Sigh. It has been a rough day to witness the end.

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The new site will be more professional operations

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I don't understand this obsession that Tsukigi is unsafe an unhygienic. Been mostly made of wood, it's elasticity would be able to withstand an earthquake, and modern technology can fire-proof wood. As for hygiene, I was never food poisioned once.

I remember the old food circle in Taipei many years ago. Like Tsukigi it was hussle and bussel, had atmosphere, character. The new gleaming circle so ultra modern is never the the same to me. At least it was not relocated.

Personally, I have no intention of watching auctions behind glass screen. Sounds like an aquarium.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

One of the traditional spot was gone.But some diner in Tsukiji will remain.Though this spot will be a little lonely,I hope local government to conserve that historical place filled with fishmonger's memory.

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what's the plan for all the rats? When they notice the food source is gone, they'll move out into all the neighbours buildings, and beyond

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